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  1. The latest to get the axe from iHeart…

    Keith Abrams exits (Cleveland) – was previously VP/Programming for CBS Radio Denver and PD of KBSG Seattle…Tim ‘Romeo’ Herbster exits postion as SVP/Programming and PD of CHR “Z100” KKRZ and Hip Hop “Jam’n 107.5” KXJM – Portland…Kristina Kage exits as morning host at Hip Hop “Jam’n 107.5” KXJM and afternoon host at AC “K103” KKCW, Portland.

  2. Best TV election coverage https://pugetsound.media/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/poll-results.jpg

    I won’t tell you how I voted in the above poll, but as for our national elections, I think we need to move to a standard process in each precinct nation-wide. This should be an on-line system of voting, with tabulation done in real-time. Those without Internet access can show up to a polling place and use a computer at that location. Voters enter their SS# to register. One vote per SS# and a unique voter ID number.

    Real-time tabulation gives immediate results to all news media once the polls close. Election night reports can be reduced to 30 minutes. This gives news channels the opportunity to run classic programming such as Twilight Zone and Green Acres, rather than Rachel Madcow and Sean Calamity.

  3. Andrew Harms, former KNDD FM MD/PD moves from KYSR Alt 98.7 Los Angeles to Amazon Music as U.S. Rock & Alternative Programmer.

  4. I haven’t been able to log in for several days. I tried changing my password and still can’t. Has anyone else had a problem?

    1. Click on Log-In. Click on Forgot Password. Follow the instructions. You will get an email. Click the link. Change your password. Log-in with new password.

      I just tried it.

  5. Gabe Cohen had been working as a Reporter at KOMO in Seattle, leaving the station in March after just over 4 years with the station. Now, Cohen has been picked up by WUSA in DC and has joined the station as an Investigative Reporter.

  6. From radioinsight.com:

    KBEK Mora, Minnesota has flipped from Full Service AAA to AC. The station is described as local news, weather, and sports paired with the best music. But “local news, weather, and sports paired with the best music” sounds sort of like what we used to call full service radio.

    All they’d have to do is add school lunch menus, Trading Post, Pet Patrol, and “Here Today and Gone Tomorrow”, an open-ended roundup of births, weddings, divorces, gossip & rumors, deaths and other “happenin’s ’round town”, co-sponsored by Welcome Wagon®, Hearse & Buggy®, and d-CON® Mouse Prufe.

    1. Patrick,

      KLSN 96.5 had a diverse format with some classical, mellow jazz and some beautiful music from studios at University Village. There was a show in the evening hosted by a man and a woman. He was in one speaker and she in the other. Very distracting. I seem to remember them sitting in the window of The Bon Marche. But did the Bon even have a store at U Village?

  7. Five years ago I found this video from KIRO TV from 1971 called “Telephonic Happening” where you watch the show on TV and have three different radios to get that quadraphonic sound, two radios on KIRO 100.7 and one on 710. Do we have anyone here from KIRO 7 who worked there been because I’m wondering who came up with this idea? And was that the late Nick Freeman doing the voiceovers? I find it weird for KIRO to play hard rock on their stations when they were mostly a beautiful music station! https://youtu.be/ohutTMuM3z8

  8. Former KOMO AM 1000 Seattle PD Ken Kohl (1981-1987) announces retirement after a 50-year broadcast and consulting career. DIRECTV has closed down its Audience Network, Kohl has been responsible for broadcast and sales operations, project and talent management for DIRECTV for the past 12 years.

  9. It appears that the Russians have hacked US government computer systems and the White House is silent on the matter. What the heck?
    At least we have a secure system here in the home office of PSM. All systems are operating normally, firewalls are up and lwekufdh uweh kweh
    Это советская разведка. Теперь у нас есть контроль над Puget Sound Media.
    тупые американцы!


    1. Good article about Delilah. Probably the best I have seen. Still not a fan, but she has done well for herself and deserves a lot of credit for sticking to the formula she created.

  10. Phyllis McGuire met Sam Giancana, according to legend, in Las Vegas in 1960, when the McGuire Sisters were performing there four times a year and pulling down $30,000 a week. Sam was a widower of fifty-two, and Phyllis, barely thirty, had already divorced Neal Van Ells, a radio/television announcer from Dayton, Ohio. Like many another Vegas performer, Phyllis had taken a liking to the gaming tables and had run up a hefty marker. As the story goes, Sam, spotting her, and liking her, went to Moe Dalitz, who ran the Desert Inn, and asked him how much the McGuire girl owed. Moe told him $100,000, a large marker at any time but enormous then. Sam is alleged to have said to Moe, “Eat it,” meaning, in gangland parlance, erase the debt, which is different, of course, from paying the debt, but nonetheless it was a gesture not without charm and romantic appeal, especially since Sam followed it up with a suiteful of flowers. They fell in love. https://archive.vanityfair.com/article/1989/6/high-roller-the-phyllis-mcguire-story

  11. Phyllis expressed sorrow and regret about her family’s reaction to her relationship with Giancana, but she didn’t apologize for it. She particularly regretted what it might have done to the sisters’ professional “girls next door” image. If they had been the McGuire Brothers, nobody would’ve blinked an eye.

    Look at Frank Sinatra, who was rumored to have very close ties to the mob. It didn’t do anything but enhance his “tough guy” persona.

    To me, the record buyer, it made no difference. They made great records and I bought them. What they did on their days off made no difference to me.

  12. The ‘Rona
    It does not make you cool by using slang like that. It makes you sound stupid. It’s not cute. It is annoying and I would unfriend you, on FB and in reality. I would remove you from my phone’s contact list.

  13. Fya is slang form of fire, used for anything that’s, well, lit. It means something is amazing, extremely good, or on point, especially said of how someone feels or looks.

    When someone uses that word, Fya, or fire, we should be allowed to set them on fire.

  14. The News Tribune no longer will publish a daily list of people who died in Pierce County.

    The Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department, citing a change in state disclosure laws, notified the newspaper it would no longer supply that information as of Jan. 1.

    1. Never used the term, North of. I realized it was a stupid thing to say, the first time I heard it. No brag, just fact. (What tv character said that?)

  15. “The Phoenix federal public defender’s office did not immediately return a message from The Washington Post late Thursday.”


    “The Phoenix federal public defender’s office ignored a message from The Washington Post late Thursday.”

  16. Bouncing back – Former HITS 106.1 KBKS PD Jared Fallon has been named VP/Marketing for iHeartRadio. He was canned from KBKS in November. Fallon’s new position is based in Nashville.

  17. “I was today years old when I learned that.”

    This makes me want to blow my brains out. This is going around social media right now. Another catch-phrase that could be said in a much simpler form, such as “I didn’t know that.”

  18. Bruce Caplan, a contributor to PugetSound.media, hosts a program called Radio Masterpieces on 104.9 KAPY lpFM (Carnation). The station streams online at Valley1049.org –This program is a collection of old-time radio audio.

  19. Born in Camas, Wa., pop star Jimmie Rodgers, passed away January 18th, 2021. His hit songs included Honeycomb, Kisses Sweeter Than Wine and Oh-Oh, I’m Falling in Love Again. He was 87.

  20. It is my opinion, that KING 5 should remove the three circles above their “K5” logo, because that is a sign of White Supremacy. I have called KING 5 and hope to here from their Community Relations Department.

  21. Flash! Tiger Woods rescues cable news!

    As of 3:00 P. M. Pacific, CBSN, CNN, Fox News and MSNBC are live with LA Police and Fire’s “Getting to the Bottom of This” press conference.

    Journalism Lives!!

    1. As usual, Tiger will be given the “kid gloves” treatment here, as to how/why he ran off the road…I think most of us know why this would be happening to him.

  22. Fanne Foxe has died at the age of eighty-four. Who?

    You might remember October 1974’s titillating tale of the Tidal Basin. Fanne Foxe, girlfriend of eighteen-term Arkansas congressman and beloved booze hound Wilbur Mills, leapt from his Lincoln Continental into the basin’s cold water when he was pulled over at 2:00 A. M. for driving with no headlights. When the cops rescued Fanne, they noticed her two black eyes. They also spotted a few cuts on Wilbur’s face. History was being made.

    We may have never found out, but a TV news cameraman just happened by and recorded the incident for posterity.


    1. Fanne Foxe was not bad looking, and at least had some talent, whether polite society approved of her or not. Scandalous! Well, look at politics today. Politicians sleeping with Chinese spies, Governors getting handsy with a half-dozen women, and a senile President that likes to sniff womens hair and is handsy with children.

    1. Of the three Kennedy brothers, I think most Americans had doubts about Ted’s abilities. He was a career politician, like Biden, but other than the Kennedy name, Ted didn’t have much going for him. These days, it doesn’t matter that you have no accomplishments during your political career.

    2. Would like to read article. But cannot access it for some reason. I,ll try you tube. I knew back then that Kennedy would not make it. As much as I hate to admit it, there are too many questions about Chappaquiddick that have never been answered plus he did have a drinking problem. I also do not think he was like his two brothers. Great senator, but I question his ability as president.

  23. From time to time, I encounter a page/post here at PSM that contains only the sidebar menu. Revisions are made each time and the posts/pages are then readable. If you see something hinky in the pages of PSM, drop us an email and revisions will be made.

  24. Oldies? You like oldies? All kinds of Super DeLuxe focus groupie repellent, time tested by humans! 24/7 since way back on April 4, 2021.

    It’s called “Vintage Radio” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvgFl14c3Uch

    Rip It Up, Little Richard
    I Cover the Waterfront, Connee Boswell
    Oh Boy, The Crickets
    Ain’t It a Shame, Fats Domino
    Mannish Boy, Muddy Waters
    In the Shadow of the Valley, Lost Weekend Western Swing Band
    Dig Down Deep, Tommy Dorsey
    Whispering Grass, The Ink Spots
    There’ll Be a Jubilee, the Andrews Sisters
    Until the Real Thing Comes Along, Andy Kirk and His Clouds of Joy, arranged by Mary Lou Williams
    Nightmare, Artie Shaw
    Auf Wiedersehen, Les Baxter
    Ring-a-Ding-Ding, Frank Sinatra (first single released on Reprise Records)
    Rocket 69, Connie Allen
    Stay Put, Klaus Waldeck
    The Best Things in Life Are Free, The Ink Spots
    Book of Love, The Monotones
    Zoot Suit, Kid Kasino
    G. I. Jive, Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five
    Did You Ever Love a Woman, Gatemouth Moore
    Rags to Riches, Billy Ward and his Dominoes
    Two Sleepy People, Bob Crosby and his Orchestra, vocal assistance from Shirley Ross
    Dear Hearts and Gentle People, Bob Crosby’s Bobcats
    Wonderful! Wonderful!, Johnny Mathis
    Love Me As Though There Were No Tomorrow, Nat King Cole
    A Wonderful Guy, Tex Beneke and his Band, vocal by Claire Chatwin

    Check it out, music lovers. You won’t be miffed, if you get my drift.

  25. 95.3 KGY/Olympia (streaming online) features Ric Dees, weeknights and The Ric Dees Top 40 Countdown on Saturday night, The Real Don Steele “Live from the 60s” Sunday evening 5-8pm, followed by MG Kelly with “Back to the 70s” from 8pm to Midnight.

  26. There have been several, lengthy periods of DEAD AIR on 96.9 KAYO. Are the DJs asleep at the turntable? Don’t tell me it is computer-driven!

    1. KAYO is my daughter’s favorite station. She alerted me to this issue, she contacted the station and later got a callback from the station manager. That response impressed her. The fact that a family-owned local station responded to a listener concern. Very cool.

    1. Current country music KYYO FM. Last I heard, the actual KAYO call letters are on a station in Alaska.

        1. No, they have four live jocks with 4-Hour shifts from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. and then their computer plays unannounced music for 8 hours. I called and talked to the lady who does the last live shift, she even played Ernest Tubb for me and we had a long talk. They have a text number and a talk number right into the studio that nobody else answers.

    1. I was slaving over hot turntables at KTOY FM/Tacoma on Thanksgiving day 1972. Station manager, Chuck Ellsworth, was preparing a piece for All Things Considered which aired at 3 pm. At the end of the report, Susan Stamberg spoke for a minute with Chuck. He was beaming as he listened to the broadcast on the monitor.

  27. While driving this morning, I accidently hit the KIRO 97.3 preset. The Ursula/G Scott show is a joke. While discussing the Chinese space junk that will hurtle to Earth this weekend, Scott suggested that if it hit Tacoma it would solve the traffic problems.
    The listening time to confirm that KIRO should replace the 9 am – Noon time slot with DEAD AIR, sixty seconds.

  28. Oh, the rumor mill keeps on churning out the news: The latest is, singer BJ Thomas died shortly after receiving the Covid vaccine. Just like Hank Aaron and many others. 2 (two) of the vaccine types are known to cause blood clots leading to stroke or death.

    1. Is this presented as ”rumor” or ”news”? [Or was your tongue firmly planted in your cheek]? Vaccine types were ”suspected of”, but not [as implied] ”known” to cause blood clots – with data never confirming it one way or the other. – BJ Thomas announced, as far back as March, that he was diagnosed to have lung cancer. His death was confirmed as being caused by complications involving this disease.
      Even Tucker Carlson is pro-vaccine. As verified by Fox.

      1. You are watching Fox and have not seen the stories about the blood clots?
        Google: Johnson and Johnson vaccine blood clots. You’ll see plenty of stories.

        When I see that someone has made an assertion during a conversation, and I question what they say, I Google the topic and read up on it.
        This is a discussion here, not a master’s theses with citations.

        For those who still believe everything the Government and “science” tells you, you be sure to get those shots.

        Four patients remained hospitalized as of Wednesday, with one in intensive care, and three patients have died. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has identified 11 more cases of serious blood clots among Americans who have received the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine, according to a CDC official.May 13, 2021

          1. Everyone who took the vaccine was basically part of a trial, a test case. The vaccine was rushed. There was no testing done. It was unknown what the outcome would be for those who took it. I wouldn’t stand in line for that.

  29. I started my radio career in the early 1990’s working as the KOMO Road Ranger. I worked on the ground in the KOMO Road Ranger van (couldn’t miss the bright yellow) feeding reports to Ted Potter who was in his plane. From there I moved to the East coast where I was GM at WYCS radio for 25 years until retirement last year.

    1. I’d say that was a good move and a step up. I like the Oasis Network website and audio player.

  30. BOGUS! Britney clapped back over this conservatorship thingy. Britney flexxed all these years and deserves her pocket full of celery. Now she is all high key over this sus ruling and it all needs to skrt! Her fans be shook. We need to see the receipts. No cap! All the time, Brit tryin’ to swerve, but her dad! In concert, on video, Brit is on fleek. TBH, slaps! Slayin’. We know Britney can serve executive realness by her own self. Did you see that court hearing? Neither did I, I was at pac sun. I heard about it. I’m dead. This nonsense is extra. Fans need to keep it 100 AF. Britney, we are here for you!

    This video will live forever! Or until Britney gains her freedom.

  31. Monday, July 19th, 2021, KYNO Fresno moves to 940 AM. With 50,000 watts, KYNO will blast Oldies on the AM frequency which is currently Sportsradio KFIG. KYNO, originally at 1300, a legendary Top 40 station, currently sits at 1430. Listeners are being reminded to dial 940 on Monday morning to hear the new KYNO. https://bit.ly/2TcqPXw

  32. The FCC has approved Alpha Media’s bankruptcy, Chapter 11 restructuring.
    This is conditioned upon the filing of a petition for declaratory ruling within 30 days of closing on the transaction described therein, would serve the public interest. Alpha had filed for Chapter 11 protection in January. The restructured Alpha Media USA will be a wholly-owned subsidiary of New Alpha. amilton Lane Incorporated and its subsidiaries will be the largest shareholder of the company controlling 49% of the equity and voting interests. MetLife Inc. will control 43.7% of the equity and voting interests, while Intermediate Capital Group PLC’s will hold 5.8% of Alpha. Approximately 22% of the company’s equity and 14% of voting interests will be foreign controlled. (Lance Venta-RadioInsight)

  33. Congratulations to Bill Diehl on a half century with the same employer, ABC Radio.


    Bill made his debut fifty years ago today, July 19,1971, on the American Entertainment Radio Network, which had recently replaced Mutual on KAYO, where I was a new weekender and doing vacation fill-in. Bill went on to specialize in entertainment world interviews, show biz, sports, etc. At that time, ABC Radio’s four networks operated from 6:00 A. M. until midnight eastern time (3:00 AM – 9:00 PM pacific). KAYO’s first ABC news ran at 3:30 AM and opened with, “Here’s the latest worldwide news from the American Entertainment Radio Network, Bill Diehl in New York reporting”. I was doing the all-nighter for vacation relief and adopted the oh-so-cute intro, “It’s time to hand out the news from ABC, so if you’re ready, Bill . . . DEAL!”

    As an aside, with my two regular weekend shifts, and the six all-nighters during summer vacation, I was on the air and spinning records forty-eight hours a week for more than three months, Sat 6pm-midnight, Sun noon-6pm, Mon-Sat midnight-6am.

  34. KJR ran the ABC Contemporary network news. Imagine that, a Top 40 station with regular newscasts. You don’t hear that these days in major market radio.

  35. Any chance they get, AT&T or Comcast will try to sell you a new streaming service. AT&T’s CNN said it plans to launch a streaming subscription service in the first quarter of 2022.
    The service, dubbed CNN Plus, will be a standalone, direct-to-consumer product separate from CNN’s current TV channels.
    At launch CNN Plus is expected to have eight to 12 hours of live, daily programming featuring some of CNN’s best-known talent. It will also have new faces, CNN said.
    CNN Plus will also launch with a library of non-fiction, long-form programming including series like Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy, This is Life with Lisa Ling and United Shades of America with W. Kamau Bell. Starting CNN Plus continues the trend of media companies shifting their focus to direct-to-consumer streaming products from traditional pay TV as cord-cutting and other changes in consumer behavior slice into wholesale distribution revenue. (story from NEXT | TV)

    1. Fats Domino-I’m Gonna Be A Wheel Someday…
      Englebert Humperdinck-Am I That Easy To Forget
      so they are getting into the 50s and MOR 60s music. Better that than slipping in some 80s tunes which KOOL FM Phoenix did before going to a Classic Rock format. Way to kill a great Oldies station.

  36. Will Lotus be able to negotiate use of the KOMO call letters after all? How soon before KVI, KPLZ, KOMO A/F move into new headquarters? Developing…

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