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KRSC cameraKRSC-TV Seattle, due to start operation on Thanksgiving Day [1948] as the city’s first video station, has evolved a formula for programming which it hopes will keep its operation costs “within reason,” P. K. Leberman, owner of KRSC and its new TV associate, told BROADCASTING last week. At the outset, Mr. Leberman said, KRSC-TV will limit its live programming to remote pickups of sports and other events of local interest.The balance of its broadcasts will be film, kinescopic recordings of the most popular CBS, NBC and DuMont programs with Eastern audiences and a group of films from Frederic W. Ziv Co., including 41 feature pictures and 35 Westerns. KRSC-TV will operate a five day, Wednesday-through-Sunday, schedule. It will sign on at 5:15 p.m. with 45 minutes of CBS Lucky Pup half-hour puppet show, a Western serial and a cartoon. From 6 to 7, the dinner hour, KRSC-TV will be off the air, returning at 7 with the evening schedule for adult members of the family. Evening schedule will start with a quarter-hour of news, ten minutes of the INS Telepix service which will be sponsored across the board by Frederick & Nelson, Seattle department store, and five minutes of local news and photos supplied by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.
Kinescopic recordings of eastern network programs will occupy the next hour or so, with sports or feature movies concluding the evening. KRSC-TV has an arrangement with the U. of Washington to broadcast its basketball games this winter and will also cover the local hockey matches. Where local sports are not available it will use video recordings of the DuMont boxing and wrestling shows in the East. During the first week on the air — instead of a solid hour of entertainment, 15- or 20-minute programs would be seperated by ten minutes of test patterns to give the dealers a chance to sell sets to live prospects and to clear their showrooms of non-buying lookers. Frederick & Nelson has also cooperated in the advance promotion by letting KRSC-TV telecast fashion shows from the store’s tea room on Nov. 9 and 10, picking up the shows on 14 receivers throughout the store and in its main window. On Nov. 19 the station staged a variety show in the Chamber of Commerce auditorium for leading business men who could watch both the show on the stage and its reception on sets throughout the hall. A feature of the station’s firstweek programs will be a 20-minute film of highlights of the Notre Dame-Washington U. game to be played at South Bend, Ind., Nov. 27. Paramount Pictures will film the game and fly the condensation to Seattle for broadcast early the following week, with Admiral Radio Corp. as sponsor. Admiral will also hold a meeting of its Seattle dealers that night to watch the program.
Excerpt from Broadcasting Magazine 1948

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