Media Crime File: Caught with His Pants Down


PUGETSOUND.MEDIA presents another in a series of hard news stories related to what we see as a growing epidemic – a wave of crime sweeping across the broadcasting industry. These gritty tales of the darkside of the media nationwide, and the players behind these despicable acts, will appear as details become available. All details will remain UNCENSORED.

A sports radio show host and former LSU basketball player shoved his wife into a dresser when she caught him with another woman, leading to his arrest early Saturday, according to the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office.
Jordy Hultberg, host of the 2-4 shift on 103.7 FM “The Game” in Lafayette [Louisiana] is accused of pushing his wife into a dresser when she went to Hultberg’s house late July 22nd to check on him because her daughter was worried about his well-being. The woman, who was accompanied by her cousin, walked into a bedroom of Hultberg’s house and found him with another woman. Hultberg and his wife are “currently going through a divorce,” according to a police report.
After the woman who’d been with Hultberg ran to a bathroom, Hultberg pushed his wife into a dresser, the report says, “forcibly kissing her” and shouting “You still want me don’t you!”
A deputy noted in the report that Hultberg’s estranged wife, whose pajamas were torn in the encounter, had redness under her ears, an abrasion on her elbow and a possible bruise on her temple.
Hultberg was booked into Parish Prison on counts of domestic abuse battery and simple battery [for pushing the cousin out of the house].

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