Lennie The Cabbie: Weekender Report


PUGETSOUNDMEDIA: Morning anchor/reporter Brian Flores is leaving KTVU to help Q13 [KCPQ] FOX launch their new weekend morning show as an anchor and will report for the station during the weekdays…KIRO GM Jay O’Connor is leaving the Cox-owned CBS affiliate at the end of the year. O’Connor was a group vp for Cox Media Group when he was named KIRO GM in June 2012…

LENNIE THE CABBIE: Did’ja hear, Brian Williams is getting a new show at 11:00 on the History Channel. It’s called “Did I Ever Tell You About The Time When…”

PUGETSOUNDMEDIA: Actually, Brian Williams will host a new 11 p.m. newscast on MSNBC called “The Eleventh Hour.” It starts the day after Labor Day.

LENNIE THE CABBIE: Should be a good show. Brian Williams reports the news. And, if there ain’t no news, he makes it up!

PUGETSOUNDMEDIA: We can also report that Jason Rantz will be getting a new/old partner. Producer Zak Burns returns to the station to co-host evenings beginning next Tuesday from 7-10 p.m. Zak has been working at KMBZ in Kansas City.

LENNIE THE CABBIE: I heard he was fired from his KMBZ job due to an erroneous School “Snow Closure” report.


LENNIE THE CABBIE: But,now I’m torn. Do I switch away from the Jason Rantz show at 8 (11 p.m. Eastern time) for Brian Williams?

PUGETSOUNDMEDIA: You have to ask yourself, “is it worth it?”

LENNIE THE CABBIE: Missing an hour of the Jason Rantz show. Probably worth it. OK!

PUGETSOUNDMEDIA: From the bottom of our news pile this morning…

LENNIE THE CABBIE: A Jason Rantz/Brian Williams double-header? That’s not the bottom?

PUGETSOUNDMEDIA: An Australian woman who was on the run after escaping from a correctional facility down under was nabbed after she objected to the photos a TV station used in its Facebook post asking for the public’s help in finding her.

LENNIE THE CABBIE: Well, she was wearing a blanket in the mug shot. Looked like she just woke up or was homeless.

PUGETSOUNDMEDIA: So, she responded to the Facebook post with what she thought was a nicer photo of herself and asked, “Can you use this photo? please and thank you.”

LENNIE THE CABBIE: Her comment also included a smiley face emoji with a halo and two x’s in her signature. That’s nice.

PUGETSOUNDMEDIA: The police arrested her the next day. I guess that is from our “Dumb Criminal File.”

LENNIE THE CABBIE: And finally, it has been announced that Brakeman Bill is attempting to make a comeback through a new series soon to be released on Netflix.

PUGETSOUNDMEDIA: There is NO TRUTH to that story.

LENNIE THE CABBIE: Let’s offer that story to Brian Williams. He’ll run with it!

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