Sinclair Memo Has Effect On Local SBG Employees


Some SEATTLE [KOMO] people within the Sinclair Broadcast Group have deleted their anti-Trump slurs/posts from Facebook feeds and Twitter. This happened after the recent memo CITED HERE, [memo first divulged by FTV Live] was released. We have screenshots of their original posts, but choose not to use them on this blog. These particular posts go back to as far as early 2016 and up through January 2017. It is interesting to note that the political bias of these reporters, as negative and enthusiastically vehement as they were, could not stand against the threat that they might lose their jobs with SINCLAIR. These are people that report the NEWS. What do they stand for now? Can you TRUST them? What is their agenda and how does that still affect their reporting? This will be interesting to watch as developments occur.
Elsewhere, the SINCLAIR edict has had an effect on certain station employees: WWMT executive producer Randy Lubratich was fired from the Sinclair-owned station last week after violating the station group’s social media guidelines. 12/14/2017 TV SPY
*PugetSound.Media is not Wiki-Leaks, but we have screen shots of many other such posts and Tweets from OTHER local media folks. — more to come

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