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I uploaded a short video that I created from the audio of a KPUG 1960s spot. The ad is for a long gone electronics shop in Lynden, WA. The voice is KPUG’s Dave Hall. He was at the station, working as a deejay, PD and in sales for more than 50 years. Some of the outdated language in the 57 year old spot made it nostalgic and I wanted to incorporate visuals of the equipment he was promoting and the era. For example, there is a reference to the new “Zenith record playing instrument.” When I was a kid, getting into music in the mid-60s, we always just called those things record players. Images include Dave Hall, the KPUG studio and authentic 1960s Zenith electronics. At the end is a KPUG promotional photo of the mid-sixties KPUG “live guys.” Dave is in the center, but keen observers will notice a very young Steve West holding up the sign. And at the top, over Dave’s head, is longtime KPUG jock and PD Bob Tria. Tria was known on the air as Bob O’Neil. I have yet to find anyone who could authoritatively identify the air name of the fellow at the back of the motorcycle.

Steven L. Smith

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