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J. Michael Kenyon died April 26th. He was 73. [KIRO 7 gave the story :28 seconds of airtime.] Kenyon was one of Seattle’s legendary sportswriters and a longtime local wrestling historian, M.C. and promoter. In 1967, Kenyon became the first SuperSonics beat writer for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. A decade later, he covered the arrival of the Mariners. In 1980, Kenyon was the city’s second sports talk show host — after KIRO’s Wayne Cody — on 570 KVI. Kenyon also worked for KING radio, the Yakima Morning Herald, Tacoma’s News Tribune, the Hollywood Citizen-News and the Baltimore Sun, among other outlets…What if an afternoon gabfest on Seattle local radio got the attention of a national audience and became a successful syndicated talk show? Could happen to The Men’s Room. The KISW afternoon drive show is hosted by Miles Montgomery and Steve “the thrill” Hill. I have listened and think the show could be successful, just as the Tom Leykis show was for a period. I am not in the target demographic…What if Sinclair purchased Tribune and owned both KOMO 4 and KCPQ 13. Lennie the Cabbie brought up the fact that several KOMO personalities fled under the Sinclair ownership and ended up at KCPQ. “You can run, but you can’t hide” said Lennie. Now, the jig is up and Daddy has entered the room with the belt. Where are good TV news people to go when the evil corporate owner takes over? Lennie opines that he believes local stations will someday be without network affiliations. Networks will be available on a subscription basis, like HBO and the CBS online model. This may happen sooner than later. Local stations will then consolidate under the big corporate umbrella, downsize and frequencies will be sold-off, some stations will go dark. Count on this happening within the next couple years…The city of Seattle will be paid $440,000 to settle one of two lawsuits it brought against homeowners last year in connection with the cutting down of trees in a public greenbelt. The city accused the homeowners of laying waste to more than 150 trees in two neighboring sections of the West Seattle greenbelt to improve their views. Stanley and Mary Harrelson and Marty and Karrie Riemer will together hand over $440,000 to settle the lawsuit in which they were named. The other suit is still active. If you thought Riemer, local alternative/rock jock was a greener-tree hugger, you were WRONG! Takes a lot of balls to think you can do such a thing. Privileged much, Marty?…Still no Sports station on FM here in Seattle. I say blow out one of the rockers and “just do it.”

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Author: Jason Remington

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