1 thought on “Gary Loving Leaves KUUU

  1. I was thinking of Gary Spinnell (aka: Gary Loving, Lee Chase) the other day after coming across an old photo of a mutual friend. Whenever Gary and I would cross paths, over the years, one of us would bring up our friend Paul DeMers. I met Paul in ’65 while at KPUG. Paul had met Danny Holiday while both were at Ogden’s, getting their 1st Phone. I helped Paul put together an audition tape in the KPUG production room, which he used to get his 1st gig in Anacortes. Paul then went to KRKO-Everett and then, I believe, KALE-Tri-Cities. He may have also been at KUUU. Paul stopped by to say “Hi” while I was at KASH in Eugene and I’ve completely lost track of him since that time (1966).
    So, anybody know Paul DeMers? Work with him in Everett or the Tri-Cities? Have any idea if he continued in radio? One of those things I’ve been wondering about for years. Just askin’!

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