Sound bites: Buzz word slingers

Emotions-annoyance“Sea change” indicates a fundamental transformation with far-reaching, revolutionary ramifications. However, for most buzzword slingers, it has come to mean almost any change at all. It is a term used too often these days. I cringe every time I hear it.

Having said that — another phrase that grates on my nerves. That having been said, I digress.

Please! Stop digressing and stick to the subject. And stop filling time with needless phrases like, “having said that” and “I digress.”

This is a lot of annoyance to unpack. That is another annoying word “unpack.” Now, issues don’t need to be examined, they need to be unpacked. Pack your bags and get the Hell outta earshot (asunder, out of range, yonder).

Do you want to sound hip, cool (trendy, in vogue, all the rage), stop with the annoying buzz words and go back to using simple language, not a catch phrase or the days most popular shibboleth.


Author: Jason Remington

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25 thoughts on “Sound bites: Buzz word slingers

  1. Be that as it may, in my humble opinion and for what it’s worth, in the final analysis, let’s just say it is what it is, and agree to disagree.

    1. There are lots of moving parts in your statement. You’ve really opened the kimono. I believe your proposition is scalable and best practice. I have been cascading relevant information and believe that, with this, we will take it to the next level while our competition continues to boil the ocean.

  2. Talking heads always say “more on” when they could just say “more” and leave it at that. It sounds absurd when they announce “We’ll have more on sports after this message”.

    1. Maybe they mean “moron” sports, including stories about:

      (1) men who go into pro football knowing they will likely end up with Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, or (2) parents who encourage their sons to play high school or college football, ignoring or downplaying the risk of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy.

      Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is a progressive degenerative disease typically found in individuals who have sustained repeated head injuries in the past, including concussions during contact sports. The symptoms of CTE usually develop over several years to decades after repeated injuries and consist of cognitive deficits such as learning disabilities, disinhibition, memory disturbances, and mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation. As the disease progresses, some patients may experience progressive dementia and motor symptoms such as balance instability and extrapyramidal disorders.

      A research study conducted in 2017 at Boston University examined 202 brains from deceased football players and found that 177 of them (87%) had signs of chronic traumatic encephalopathy from repeated blows to the head.

  3. ” I have been cascading relevant information and believe that, with this, we will take it to the next level while our competition continues to boil the ocean.”

    I respect that, every man is entitled to his opinion, but the question remains: What’s your passion?

  4. Watching several news channels this morning, when the anchor has finished questioning a contributor, they turn and say “We’ll leave it there…” I heard it on each channel, multiple times.

    1. Tips for zippy cable news interviews. Add these to your patter.

      “Now, I just have to ask you this … ”

      “I’d really love to get your reaction to … ”

      “You know, there’s a question I just gotta ask … ”

      But … (furrow brow or chew on glasses) … but the question on my mind is … ”

      “Another thing I need your input on is this … ”

      “What do you say to people who tell you … ”

      “Talk to us about the … ”

      “Before I let you go … ”

      Someone please sneak in the makeup room and add gorilla glue to the lip gloss.

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