Wash. radio – 1923

    US Dept of Commerce list of Wash. radio stations - 1923

Calls, city & wavelength in meters only, not kilocycles (kc/s). List has no power, ownership or other data:

KDZE Seattle 455   KDZI Wenatchee 360       KDZR Bellingham 261
KDZT Seattle 360     KFAE Pullman 360         KFBG Tacoma 360
KFBL Everett 224     KFCF Walla Walla 360  KFDC Spokane 285
KFEJ Tacoma 360     KFHH Neah Bay 283     KFHR Seattle 275
KFIO Spokane 252   KFIQ Yakima 224           KFIV Seattle 236
KFJC Seattle 233       KFZ Spokane 283           KGB Tacoma 252
KGY Lacey 258          KHQ Seattle 360             KJR Seattle 270
KMO Tacoma 360    KNT Aberdeen 263         KTW Seattle 360
KZV Wenatchee 360

Many of these stations would only broadcast for an hour or two per day, sharing a frequency with other broadcasters. Some would only broadcast on a few days per week & sometimes would alternate with others using the same arrangement.

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Author: Mike Cherry

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