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From reader Carl Watkins:  What ever happened to Derek Shannon.  I almost went to work for him in late 1975.  I courted him for long time, got as close as KPOK/KUPL in Portland, Oregon, but then took a job in Salt Lake City instead.  I talked to him numerous times on the phone and sent him airchecks.  I wish I had taken the opportunity to meet him in person.  So where is he now?  Just reaching out – Carl Watkins 

Our original post on Derek:  April 1971 – If you have a first class ticket, a mature voice, are good at production, and have a few years in the biz, then read on. KTAC, Tacoma is looking for a man like you. We do prefer Northwest or West Coast men. KTAC is a 10,000 watt rocker at 85; and we’re number one. Rush resume, tape, and pic to: Derek Shannon, KTAC, Box 11335, Tacoma, Wash. 98411.

Carl:  Jason mentioned to me that he thinks Derek worked with long-time reader Bill Ogden & would forward your comment to him.   From Jason:

A former coworker of Derek’s says “Derek, I believe is still the principal owner of the at least two stations, 1 in Chehalis, the other an FM located near Winlock. 
His son Matt may be actually running the stations but I think Derek is sill alive and well and involved in the business.   His former wife married Dick Curtis.


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Author: Mike Cherry

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