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Reader & researcher Randy Chase writes us:

Hi Mike,

My research has again led me to your door. The documentary production I’m working on is now looking for Seattle radio news broadcasts from the early 1970s. I found a number of clips posted to the Puget Sound Media page, but most of the news reports are faded out. We’re looking for radio reports circa 1969-1972 that give a sense of major issues in Seattle at the time, i.e. Boeing layoffs and recession.

I’ve searched various Washington libraries and archives without much luck. I’ll be reaching out to Washington State University (which appears to have run the Northwest Hall of Radio History), and I got a tip that Feliks Banel might be someone to talk to. Does anything or anyone else come to mind as a source or collector of Seattle radio from the 1970s? I ask this knowing that you’ve already given me some good advice to not set my hopes too high.
I hope you’ll let me know if anything comes to mind. Much appreciated.

Randy Chase

Researcher, Saloon Media

(416) 572-5212 x 5223

[email protected]

Randy:  thanks for writing to us.  As I previously mentioned, the only audio we have to offer, is material donated to us by private collectors in addition to our own collections.  Unless an offer of audio is presented, we have no awareness nor access to any libraries containing vintage broadcasting audio & video.  I’ll put this forward to our readers in hopes someone out there may be of help.  Feliks Banel is one of our state’s foremost broadcasting historians & collectors.  Perhaps he can offer some help.  Our readers know that we are always on the hunt for audio, video or any sort of broadcasting memorabilia from the Pacific Northwest & environs.  Readers?

Thanks to SAM LAWSON for this.
Hi guys,
Here’s a short KVI newscast from 1973. It’s not much, but you’re welcome to it. Good luck on your project, Randy.
*ROALL ERICKSEN Newscast 1973
(includes 7 seconds of Greg Aust at the end)

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