RADIO SILENCE – Stations That Are Off The Air

These broadcast stations signed off for the last time, years ago.

660 KFOA Seattle – May 23, 1922 this station signed on as KDZE. At the time, the station was testing equipment, for an hour or so each day they would play a few phonograph records. Certified listener reports from as far as Philadelphia were registered. The station was owned by Rhodes Department Store. The station changed call letter to KFOA in March 1924 and then to KOL when Archie Taft bought the station in 1928.

800 KQIN Burien (KQIZ CP in 1969. Station went on air as KQIN a 500 watt daytimer in October 1970 – Golden Oldies – John Mowbray the owner, and then Beautiful Music [mid 70s, sold to KETO Co., KETO FM, John Mowbray takes 30% ownership of the new company] station format Adult Contemporary in mid-80s, CP in 1985 to move to 820 frequency)
KQIN personalities: Don Chambers, Burl Barer, Steve Wray, Joe Salvatore, Alan Archer, Mark Edwards, R.C. Bannon, Brian Calkins, Bill Fitzhugh, Jay Hemingway, Leilani McCoy, Tom Reddick, Bob [Spinning Bear] Peters, Cedric James, JJ Hemingway, Mike Moran

1400 KTNT Tacoma – MOR/Easy Listening – Tacoma News Tribune
1983-KPMA [bartered programming]

KTNT Personalities: Bob Cleland – News Director, Murray Morgan, Ted Knightlinger, Bill McClain, Gene Lewis, Jerry Holzinger, Bruce Vanderhoof [May 1968, sits in with Al Cummings for one week and then takes over the afternoon drive shift, Cummings continues the morning drive shift], Al Cummings [started May 1967 morning drive and afternoon 4-6pm…1970 hosts an afternoon talk show on 1400 KTNT “The Ombudsman”], Mike Altman, Bob Piatt, Dick Thompson, Don St. Thomas, Glen Brook, Carl Sawyer, Bruce Bond, Roger Pasquier, Bob [Spinning Bear] Peters, Frank Catalano, Bill Doane, Jaynie Jones, Len Higgins, John Burgess, Bob Robertson, Max Bice-Chief Engineer, John Allgood, Ed Dollar, Dewey Boynton, Bob Church, Mike Lonergan, Jerry Dimmitt, Mike Moran

The 1400 frequency is now used by KITZ/Port Orchard as a business/talk affiliate of KGTK 920 AM Olympia, KBNP 1410 AM Portland, and KSBN 1230 AM Spokane. The signal is not heard in the Tacoma area. KITZ personalities: Al Munroe and Fred Miles, Marina Rockinger, Brad Lee, Jeff French, Jerry Van Dyke, Lysa Dufourc

1460 KEVE Everett – KEVE owned by Cascade Broadcasting Co. Inc. existed from 1941-1945 and broadcast with 500 watts and a daily schedule of 6am – 11pm.

1510 KURB [1968] Mountlake Terrace
KKNW call letters were used with the Urban Contemporary format that began on February 8, 1983, after the station had been silent for 6 months. Joel Bernard was PD. June 19, 1984, call letters became KKZU and the format was adult contemporary.
Personalities: Dick Ellingson, Mike Moran, Peter Christiansen, Mike Lonergan, Bill O’Mara

1540 KBVU Bellevue – KBVU existed from 1964-69 before being purchased by Kemper Freeman who wanted to move KFKF off of 1330 where it was stuck with a sunrise-sunset schedule. KBVU broadcast full-time with 1000 watts and I remember it as a jazz station for some of it’s life in the mid-60′s. In 1969, KBVU signed off and KFKF 1540 signed on. [Mike Cherry]

1540 KGIB – Kitsap GI Broadcasters Inc existed from 1950-1954 and broadcast daily from 6am – sunset with 1000 watts [thanks to Mike Cherry for this info]

{Radio Annual 1951]

93.3 KOTO Seattle – original 1962 application by owners of KNBX 1050 Kirkland asked for call sign ‘KOTO’. Eastside Broadcasting also owned KARI 550 Blaine and had an application for 104.3 Bellingham with the KBLE calls issued! 104.3 ended up being KERI and 93.3 KBLE-FM. [Mike Cherry]

102.5 KPRN Seattle – before David Segal successfully launched KTW-FM in 1965, a previous CP was issued to another company in 1963, but never built. Plains Radio Broadcasting had a CP for 19 kW and 1090 ft antenna with KPRN call sign issued. [Mike Cherry]

106.9 KFIN Seattle – KFIN a 1963 CP for 35 kW & 1100 ft antenna owned by Fine Music broadcasters Inc. Yes, this was licensed to Seattle, not Bremerton where KBRO would eventually launch on 106.9 [Mike Cherry]

Author: Jason Remington

Creator, Admin, & Editor of PugetSound.Media, former broadcaster at KAMT/Tacoma, KRPM FM/Tacoma, KJUN/Puyallup, KASY/Auburn, KTAC AM/Tacoma, KBRD FM/Tacoma, KMTT FM/Tacoma, and KOOL FM/Phoenix. - Jason Remington Airchecks

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