Ron DeHart Audio: Mike Phillips and Bill Munson


Two well known Seattle radio guys who never worked together in their early Pacific Northwest days. But they both went to San Francisco, and guess what happened? Yup, they each landed at the biggest rocker in the Bay Area. Phillips left KJR in late 1965, after a Seattle run that started at KAYO in late 1961. Munson — perhaps more accurately known by his birth name B.R. Bradbury — moved up to KFRC from KOL in 1970.
Phillips & Bradbury KFRC August 1970
Here’s a two-for-your money aircheck of Phillips and Bradbury doing a Saturday morning shift on KFRC in August, 1970. Bradbury was later Robert W. Morgan’s on-air partner (and Billboard Magazine’s “Radio Newsman of the Year”) at LA’s KHJ/KIQQ-FM. He later returned to Seattle for stints at KAYO and KJR, and lastly in Vancouver, B.C. Phillips’ later career included gigs in New York, Portland, Chicago and finally Los Angeles where he hired both Morgan and fellow great, the real Don Steele, while PD at KRTH. We lost both of these Pacific NW talents way too early, Bradbury in 2001, Phillips in 2006. I can’t think of two Seattle radio talents who better epitomized some of Puget Sound’s best. Enjoy the memories — this one is about 5:38.

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Ronald DeHart

Author: Ronald DeHart

Ron DeHart is a former newspaper and broadcast journalist and a retired Public Affairs Officer from both the U.S. Forest Service and the U.S. Navy/Naval Reserve. His historical accounts of Pacific Northwest broadcasting are published by Puget Sound Media.  

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