Come On In, It’s Showtime


From around 1962, one of my favorite KOL jingles.

1300 KOL jingles & beds

Here is a batch of KOL Jingles and some music beds from KOL….probable time period early to mid 60’s. I know most of them were copied directly from reel to reel tapes to a second machine. I was using their patch panel. but sadly their on air signal leaked into the patch bay. The overall quality is very nice, with a tad bit of RF leakage. It was done in the KOL production room, but after 50+ years my recollection is a bit hazy. Some of them I have never heard before and I don’t know if KOL used any of the music beds. It was no doubt a weekend evening. Gene Collins (Hostetter) was on the air at the time. Perhaps these will jog the memories of some of the PugetSound.Media followers.

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Duane Smart

Author: Duane Smart

Duane Smart was Mr. Music Man for the J.P. Patches program at KIRO 7 tv. He also chose music for almost all of the local studio productions at KIRO. Be it a public service show or a new news theme, The Big Money Movie or the theme music for Joe Towey’s “Nightmare Theater”…..these were the days before “packaged” theme music came into being at KIRO. Duane also did freelance work recording commercials. For more than 20 years Duane Smart also did all the music that ran at Enchanted Village and Wild Waves. Once the J.P. Patches show went off the air, Duane decided to retire, after having enjoyed 29 years at KIRO.

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