OT: I Survived Stormageddon!

Greetings readers & contributors!  I’m happy & relieved to be back after my forced “off-grid wilderness vacation”: 2 weeks of no power, phone, Internet, or water.  Residing in remote forest, I can accept these challenges as a small price to pay for living here.  Over several decades, the longest outtage we’ve experienced was 3 days.  However, the island I am on was one of the hardest hit by the Thursday, Dec 20 storm & it’s taken an army  of utility workers & first responders to return life to normal.

Remnants of power & telecomm utility pole, corner of my property line

I want to wish all of our readers a Happy New Year on behalf of the team at Puget Sound Media – Jason Remington, Steven L Smith, Victor Stredicke; also our contributing editors Ron DeHart, Duane Smart & Tom Layson.  Thank you all for making PSM a part of YOUR day & we are looking forward to great things for everyone in 2019 – more histories, more news, more perspective & more entertainment!  We also extend thanks and acknowledge our “news stringers” – you men & women know who you are!  Our resident “Broadcasting Archaeologist” Steven will be taking a short, well-earned holiday in the sun, as I prepare to get myself back into the daily routine here.

Giant Douglas fir, approx 300-400 years old & perfectly healthy…until it’s root system gave way & brought down 4 other trees with it.

If any of you have sent me recent emails in the past few weeks & not gotten a reply, I apologize & can’t even be sure I have all the messages off my email server at this point.

A group of Douglas firs blown across our seasonal creek.  These obliterated the power pole in the first pic shown.

Next door neighbor’s son built a brand new cabin last summer – toast!  He did manage to get all of his stuff out of the destroyed building.  One other house on our road was also destroyed, 3 others had trees lying on their roofs requiring crane trucks to lift & remove them.

My final words on this horror show my wife & I endured are simple words of advice:  one can NEVER have too many batteries (AA & AAA) or candles, pails for collecting rainwater to flush toilets, dedicated ‘clean’ pails just for use washing dishes & rinsing vegetables.

Author: Mike Cherry

retired broadcaster: on-air, MD, PD, asst PD, Prod Mgr, IT, station technician/engineer, pioneer Internet webcaster, station installation/maintenance; 12 years in commercial radio, 17 years volunteer in campus/community radio in B.C., Alberta & Wash. Amateur radio operator & "DXer" specializing in AM night-time DX, short-wave DX/listening & remote SDR DXing/listening

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