The Gridlocked Podcast from Tracy Taylor


Mike Barer pointed out that KIRO FM’s traffic chick (I know, women hate to be called chicks. Shame on me!), Tracy Taylor, has her own podcast. I listened to the first one and it is all about…traffic. How this will pan out is yet to be seen… or heard. Her second podcast talks about the new SR 99 tunnel and…traffic. In a city like Seattle, where traffic information is so important, a dedicated podcast may become popular. Tracy Taylor has a following, so, “podcast it and they will listen.”
The blog, Barers of Maple Valley, also brings up a claim made by Pat O’Day that KJR was the first station in the USA to play a Beatles record on the air. We have heard otherwise from other stations. Someone should set the record straight. We need dates and some sort of proof, such as the playlist showing the addition of the Beatles tune.
After a weekend held hostage in Portland from what was considered “snowmageddon”, I find that the road to my house is covered with ice and compacted snow, topped with a fresh layer of snow from tonight’s storm. Another storm is due tomorrow, and another next week. At age 63, driving a bus for a living, I am NOT happy with our current weather conditions.

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