Terrier Media – The New COX/Apollo Stations


The newly created company will operate under the name Terrier Media and pay $3.1 billion for the Cox properties and 340 million for Northwest Television. Apollo will own 77% of the new company with Cox Enterprises holding the majority of the remainder and the principals of Northwest holding the rest. The company will be based out of Cox’s Atlanta headquarters and be operated by Cox’s existing management team.
Now, among the 500 channels available on tv, the African-American (Black) channel KONG broadcasts on tv channel 16.2, BOUNCE, which is geared toward fans of black entertainment, such as movies and syndicated reruns featuring black actors.
Finally, a channel featuring entertainment for black people. Entertainment you can’t find elsewhere. Shows featuring entertainers of color (black). It’s about time! Here is a clip from “MovieTime on Bounce”

Coming soon, Danish Game Show Network. In this clip, Fat or Pregnant, panelists attempt to determine whether women are pregnant or just fat, based on their appearance.

I’m offended that a BLACK network is on a channel called “KONG”

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