Return of the son of the Walking Dead


Greetings to all our Puget Sound Media readers & fans –

I have returned after 2 horrific months in hospital on the brink of death – not once but twice! The initial emergency surgery had only a 30% chance of keeping me alive, but I pulled through. It has left me with a permanent life-altering disability & challenge in addition to those I already face. After a month of slow improvement, my kidneys began to fail & other body organs showed signs of following suit. I again managed to recover only to have a further severe complication as a result of the powerful antibiotic they gave me to fight the initial infection. I am not in the clear yet & could be forced
back into hospital if my precarious state deteriorates, but after 2 weeks at home slowly recuperating & regaining my strength, I am ready to tackle my main objective – bringing YOU the very best broadcasting history/news site in the Pacific Northwest. I have to return to hospital later this year for a week of follow-up surgery but it certainly won’t be the ordeal I’ve just been through. Totally cut off from any media, no access to a radio, computers or TV, I am a little “out of the loop” just yet. I have missed Puget Sound Media, my supportive co-workers Jason & Steven…and I’ve missed my
interaction with YOU in addition to all of your contributions & thoughtful comments. You’ll soon discover regular features coming back & I promise more blogs exploring new technologies, trends in broadcasting, politics & regulatory news/comment & so much more! As always, I and the rest of the PSM team thank you for your support & promise to continue to give you a reason to log on daily to see what’s new.

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Mike Cherry

Author: Mike Cherry

retired broadcaster: on-air, MD, PD, asst PD, Prod Mgr, IT, station technician/engineer, pioneer Internet webcaster, station installation/maintenance; 12 years in commercial radio, 17 years volunteer in campus/community radio in B.C., Alberta & Wash. Amateur radio operator & "DXer" specializing in AM night-time DX, short-wave DX/listening & remote SDR DXing/listening

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