RADIO: A 75-YEAR ROLLER-COASTER RIDE;`The History Of Radio Is The History Of How To Make Money Out Of Thin Air’


John Mcdonough . Published on September 04, 1995 – Excerpt: “News, unlike entertainment, would be insulated from sponsor control. CBS enforced an “objectivity” policy among its newsmen. William Paley didn’t fear their opinions. What he feared was the prospect of ultra-conservative sponsors (there were few ultra-liberal ones) buying their way onto CBS with their notions of “news” and commentary, which were invariably anti-administration and sometimes fascist-friendly. Rather than risk a Fulton Lewis or Father Charles Coughlin on his network, Mr. Paley decided CBS must protect itself with a shield of objectivity.”
(pictured: Nikola Tesla. Tesla had the patents on radio with which Guglielmo Marconi obtained the 1909 Nobel Prize in Physics)

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