News Tribune Building For Sale; Q13 Talent Heads For CNN


The handwriting is on the wall. The Tacoma News Tribune is on the way to becoming a weekly publication (opinion). SEATTLE TIMES reports: McClatchy Co. has put in place the “regionalization” of newspaper publishing, with the Tribune now being printed in Vancouver, Wa. and trucked into Tacoma. Last winter’s snow storms caused the paper to cease delivery for a few days, as the trucks could not make the trip up the freeway.

The Tribune building on State Street is too large for the skeleton crew of the daily paper. The new offices will be downtown, location as yet to be determined.
If anyone has a 3 bedroom condo, with wifi, in downtown Tacoma, maybe you can strike a deal with the News Tribune and rent your place out.
McClatchy Co. has a minority interest in the Seattle Times.

(Facebook) Former KCPQ 13 news gal (sexist remark, shame on me — I will never change) Nadia Romero is now a national correspondent for CNN. Congrats, Nadia!

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