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  1. RERUNS – As opposed to today’s tv-on-demand, the rerun was the only way we could re-watch an earlier tv show. Usually, a TV Guide with listings of mostly reruns was tossed onto the coffee table in disgust. Though we had reruns, our schedules didn’t always allow us to catch up. Now, forty or fifty years after, we can re-watch an entire series at a time most convenient to us.
    I am rediscovering Perry Mason, after watching the HBO series. I prefer the original series, starring Raymond Burr. One reason for a new appreciation of old classics may be the absence of commercials.

  2. Wednesday will be the last day rockitradio will be on line. Going to miss those 50,s and 60,s music. Cannot even buy the archived broadcast. Loved to have had the Hunter Hancock filling in for Lange Quigly.

    1. There are podcasters that have sponsors for their shows, but Internet radio stations cannot do the same. There are just too many sources of content. One has to have the disposable income necessary to keep a station afloat.

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