217 thoughts on “FORUM – Questions & Off-Topic Comments

    1. I see Hamilton’s comment. Not sure what you are experiencing. Could it have been under edit by Hamilton at the moment? I dunno. But I see it there.

  1. Jay had contacted me that his comment had appeared but then vanished. This happens to him sometimes. I told him that anytime a comment vanishes then let me know. My experience is they are NEVER really gone. For some reason…once in awhile, the anti spam software sends them to Jason or me to approve. I know it can be frustrating but I think anti spam software sometimes makes errors or is set off by an unknown reason. Automatic devices can be like that. For example YouTube’s robot often misses copyright material but more often errs the wrong way. My suggestion if a comment vanishes is to email me or Jason. Or, if you can wait, when we log in we see an icon that some comments have been held, but sometimes we are not by a computer. By the way Dick, when I approved Jay’s comment two dupes by you were there…I approved one,

    1. Steve, was it the comment replying to Bruce Caplan on Our Changing World? When I posted that, it didn’t show up under Recent Comments, so I went back to that page and it was gone. So I reposted it.

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