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  1. If you are in 6th grade and have been assigned to write an essay of no less than 500 words, you would use phrases such as “out of an abundance of caution”

  2. I would use, “After a great deal of introspective musing and cogitation, I have come to the conclusion, and may I say out of an extremely well thought-out abundance of caution, that Tom Tom the piper’s son did not steal the pig after all, nor did he “run away”, as has been maliciously alleged. The innocent young lad merely took it without explicit permission after noticing the sentry of the sty walking toward the barn with his arm around the waist of the farmer’s daughter, a lass not nearly as fetching as you, beloved teacher. Oh why, oh why can’t I be as bold as that son of a piper?”

  3. Tom Tom, an early day looter. These nursery rhymes all seem to have associated sordid details. These must have been written by liberal college professors. Tom Tom was likely a Democrat youth living in his parents’ pumpkin shell.
    Goldilocks was part of the Occupy Never-Never Land movement.

  4. READERS– Personal comments about someone’s suspected sexual orientation, or other unsubstantiated allegations, etc. will be removed. We will then be flagging future comments, holding them for review. Repeat offenses will get you banned.

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