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  2. A WALK IN THE DARK — Written by Feliks Banel.
    KIRO 97.3 FM Seattle, Seattle Radio Theater and Town Hall Seattle have a special treat for listeners this Halloween. A Walk in the Dark is a live radio drama that will air October 29.
    “It’s set just before WW2, it’s loosely based on facts. In early 1941 Seattle was the first city in the United States to do a practice blackout. It was in march of 1941 when they turned out all the lights in Seattle. Life magazine had pictures of that. It was a very haunting image of a city getting darker and darker.”

    “My story is set in October of 1941, just before Halloween and a new guy comes to the city to take a job at KIRO. He has a hard time getting to the station because he mistakenly goes to the transmitter which is out on an island in Puget Sound. Fearful that he is going to be fired before he even starts his new job; he has to get to downtown Seattle to work his first shift. That’s when spookiness ensues.” (KIRO FM)

    1. (sniffle) … On that Thursday, I said, “I’m sorry. That was not where I was going. That was not my intent on that.”

      That wasn’t an apology, it was a defense.

      But golly whiz, Dori prayed for us, even for li’l ol’ me.

      I’m pleased to be one of his lost causes. He’s in wonderful company with an ex-wife of mine.

  3. Why Dori has to use his religion to mop up for his comment on twitter, I just do not get…but I still feel that his ramblings on his personal twitter site should not be scrutinized/punished by management…we either have freedom of personal expression, or we do not!

    1. I see it as Dori stating that he is a Christian, and still does not condone trans. Only apologizes that his Tweet did not hit the mark, but instead hurt some snowflakes. Dori’s comments were strong, less an apology, more like standing on his statement against Inslee’s policies.
      He stated he was a Christian to distance himself from the LGBTQ snowflakes who caused the ruckus.
      You have to understand that he didn’t shrink to grovel to the masters at Bonneville, KIRO or Seahawks. A clever statement, clearly defining who he is, the same old Dori.

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