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  1. Gabe Cohen had been working as a Reporter at KOMO in Seattle, leaving the station in March after just over 4 years with the station. Now, Cohen has been picked up by WUSA in DC and has joined the station as an Investigative Reporter.

  2. From radioinsight.com:

    KBEK Mora, Minnesota has flipped from Full Service AAA to AC. The station is described as local news, weather, and sports paired with the best music. But “local news, weather, and sports paired with the best music” sounds sort of like what we used to call full service radio.

    All they’d have to do is add school lunch menus, Trading Post, Pet Patrol, and “Here Today and Gone Tomorrow”, an open-ended roundup of births, weddings, divorces, gossip & rumors, deaths and other “happenin’s ’round town”, co-sponsored by Welcome Wagon®, Hearse & Buggy®, and d-CON® Mouse Prufe.

    1. Patrick,

      KLSN 96.5 had a diverse format with some classical, mellow jazz and some beautiful music from studios at University Village. There was a show in the evening hosted by a man and a woman. He was in one speaker and she in the other. Very distracting. I seem to remember them sitting in the window of The Bon Marche. But did the Bon even have a store at U Village?

  3. Five years ago I found this video from KIRO TV from 1971 called “Telephonic Happening” where you watch the show on TV and have three different radios to get that quadraphonic sound, two radios on KIRO 100.7 and one on 710. Do we have anyone here from KIRO 7 who worked there been because I’m wondering who came up with this idea? And was that the late Nick Freeman doing the voiceovers? I find it weird for KIRO to play hard rock on their stations when they were mostly a beautiful music station! https://youtu.be/ohutTMuM3z8

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