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  1. Our web hosting tech has informed us that since WordPress (the application which has been the foundation for this blog since inception) updated to version 5.5, over 10,000 websites have reported being broken in one form or another.
    For PSM, this resulted in the loss of thousands of COMMENTS posted prior to 5/15/20.
    In a last ditch effort to recover that material and prevent any further damage, some technical changes to PSM must be made. We can’t wait for WordPress to fix the bugs in their program.
    This is just to inform you of the reason for the loss of the COMMENTS and why you may see some changes to PSM as we go forward.

    PSM Admin

  2. Are we ready to rumble?
    The Republican National Convention starts in a few hours. I wonder if this will spark more unrest in cities like Portland and Seattle?
    A drinking game you might play this week: take a drink every time Anderson Cooper smirks.

  3. I’m going to drink a thimbleful of 3.2 beer for each lie told.

    I expect to be falling-down drunk before brunch is served and in a full-blown alcoholic stupor by tea time.

    My bodily functions will be far beyond my control long before the day’s closing gavel.

    1. “I’m not a drinker, I never have been. People ask me, “Donald, I can’t believe you don’t drink. After all the grief you get from the Democrats.” I tell them…Look, I’ve never let people get under my skin. Really! Ask anybody. Other politicians, I guess you could call me a politician. I didn’t start out that way, until I ran for office, And of course, I hate to say this to people on the Left, I WON, remember? All the polls said Crooked Hilary would win. CNN, MSNBC, they are bad people. Bad! Fake news, fake news. They won’t tell the truth. Those reporters are NASTY people. But, I don’t drink. And if you choose to drink, it’s better to keep your head and stay in control. Or you might end up like Sleepy Joe. Talk about losing your head! He has no idea where he is right now. “

  4. NEWS NATION on WGN America – my opinion, a good mix of stories, good anchors and no noticeable gaffes on the first night of the broadcast.

    One complaint – the bumper music was too loud, drowning out the voices of the anchors.

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