Mary Nam Kicks Cancer


Hi everyone. The last month has been one to remember for me and my family. On August 2nd I was diagnosed with breast cancer. And today I learned my mastectomy was a success and my treatment can proceed without chemo or radiation.

I am one of the lucky ones. Lucky to have caught it early (my very first mammogram at 40!), lucky to live in a city where topnotch cancer care exists, and lucky to have the support of family and friends. The shock and fear of diagnosis were smothered out by those things.

I will be back to work next month. I can’t wait for my normal routine!

Knowing how cancer has touched so many lives, I leave you with this background about me in case anyone reading this is hesitant about getting checked:

-I have no family history of breast cancer.
-I was diagnosed 2 weeks before my 41st bday.
-I’ve had genetic testing and don’t carry BRCA mutation or any currently known mutation for cancer.

My breast contained 5 separate invasive lobular carcinoma tumors. Do you know how many appeared in my mammogram? None. I’m one of many women with dense tissue and was called back for a 3D mammogram for another look. I was incredibly annoyed by the callback at the time. And here we are today. If the radiologist had said, nah she’s only 40, she doesn’t have history, and she’s healthy – this can wait until she’s 45 or 50…I shudder at the thought.

Please take good care. It’s true what they say: preventative care saves lives.

See you in October!!!!!!!

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