Lost Treasures: Ann Cole -“Got My Mo-Jo Working”


This week’s Lost Treasure is an original version of a song known much better for it’s cover version.  In 1957, Baton Records released Ann Cole’s version of “Got My Mo-Jo Working” the same week that Chess Records of Chicago released the more well-known, famous version by bluesman Muddy Waters.  Written by Preston Foster, credit for the song’s authorship was taken by Muddy Waters, who later lost a court case in favor of Foster’s ownership of the song.  Neither Ann Cole, nor Muddy’s version made the charts in spite of this.  Cynthia “Ann” Cole began her career as a gospel singer in the Coleman Brothers & later in 1949, the Colemanaires, who toured the US & released a number of gospel records in 1953-54.  Using the pseudonym “Ann” she began recording for Baton Records in the mid-50’s.  Late in 1956 she went on a short tour through the southern states with Muddy Waters, during which she regularly performed a new song, “Got My Mo-Jo Working”, which left an impression on the blues musician.  Ann continued to record for a number of labels with little success, until landing on Roulette Records scoring a 1962 R&B hit with “Have Fun”.  The B-side of that record, “Don’t Stop The Wedding” barely made it onto the pop charts at #99 and was an ‘answer song’ to Etta James’ “Stop The Wedding”. Soon afterwards, she was involved in a serious car accident, which tragically ended her musical career and confined her to a wheelchair for the rest of her life.  Cynthia “Ann” Cole passed away in 1986.  Her version of  “Got My Mo-Jo Working” has much more of an R&B feel to it than the signature Muddy Waters version which is deeply rooted in the Chicago blues style.  Stay warm on this chilly & possibly snowy Northwest weekend with an original classic from your friends at Puget Sound Media.

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Mike Cherry

Author: Mike Cherry

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