Lost Treasures: The Association – “No Fair At All”


This week’s “Lost Treasure” was released in early 1967 on Valiant Records.  The Association’s pretty ballad “No Fair At All” was written by original member Jim Yester & was intended as a more successful follow-up to “Cherish” after their previous single “Pandora’s Golden Heebie Jeebies” failed to chart.  “No Fair At All” didn’t chart in all cities with only some top 40 markets adding this.  This history illustrates the uneven recording career of The Association, who continue to tour in 60’s oldies packages with some of the many members that have played in this band over the years.  Another indication of The Association’s uneven career is the never-ending revolving door of personnel.  “No Fair At All” contained all the regional founding members of the group including bassist, woodwind player & vocalist Brian Cole who grew up in Tacoma. Cole died in 1972 of a heroin overdose.  His son Jordan plays in the current line-up of the group. The Association formed in 1965 & had a number of hits through to the early 70’s with some succeeding to get chart action & airplay with others complete failures.  The band continued trying recording success up to 2000 with little luck.  They even attempted to re-record some of their chart ed songs, including a disastrous attempt at ‘disco’ versions of these during the late 70’s.  Only their duet backing of Barry Manilow’s cover’s  of “Cherish” & “Windy” in 2007 suggested their soft pop style of many decades before. Their winning longevity is due to their popularity on the oldies group circuits performing with other 60’s notables such as the Turtles, Gary Puckett & The Union Gap, The Grassroots, Mark Lindsay, The Buckinghams & more.  Among notable achievements, The Association were the first band to appear at the Monterrey Pop Festival in June 1967.  The group was inducted into the Pop Music Hall of Fame in 2016 & continues on tours to this day.  Original founding members & group leaders Jules Alexander & Jim Yester continue to front the band. Ease into your weekend with this mellow ballad showcasing the wonderful harmonies of The Association & thanks for pointing your browser to Puget Sound Media!

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Author: Mike Cherry

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