Charlie Brown’s Early Photos

Early KJRB photo

Here are a couple early photos of Charlie Brown that I have gleaned from online sources over the years. The black and white photo has to be very early in Charlie’s years at KJRB in Spokane. I suspect this was taken shortly after he left KPUG in Bellingham, some time in 1966 or ’67.  He was probably less than, or no older than, 20-years of age. He looked like this when I met him at KPUG. He was 18 or 19 and I was 14.

The KJRB survey, with Charlie doing mornings, is circa 1969 according to information that came from Norm. There are several KPUG alums on this survey…..Charlie, Norm, Gary Taylor, and Gary Shannon (Shannon’s time at KPUG was cut short by the draft. After two years with Uncle Sam, he landed at KJRB.)

If there are any experts on Charlie Brown, and his timeline and stops along the way in his career, please post what you know in the comments here! Thanks.


Survey circa 1979… four KPUG alums

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