Lost Treasures: Little Richard aka ‘The World Famous Upsetters’ – “Every Night About This Time”

This week’s Lost Treasure salutes the mighty Little Richard who has just passed on.  From 1962 on Little Star Records, it’s the World Famous Upsetters covering a Fats Domino tune “Every Night About This Time” which is the B-side of  another fats Domino song: “Yes It’s Me (I’m In Love Again)”.  Little Richard ended his association with original label Specialty Records over dissatisfaction with their percentage of royalties in 1959.  Around this time he retreated from the R&B & rock music scene to take up the ministry & also recorded some gospel music for End Records, eventually ending up signing with Mercury in 1961.  However, after touring with Sam Cooke in Europe & meeting the Beatles, he realized his rock n roll persona was very much in demand.  Conflicted with his Christian ministry optics, he decided to record some R&B songs for Little Star Records using the name of his then current backing band – the World Famous Upsetters, rather than using his own name on the records.  With his main public persona as that of a Christian minister, he would record secular R&B under the band’s name from 1958-1966 while releasing gospel records under his own name.  “Every Night About This Time”  is a straight-up blues number & Little Richard elevates the song with his cover version in comparison to the original. Listeners will immediately recognize his voice on the spoken intro of the song. At Puget Sound Media we have all the musical bases covered – whether it be Steven Smith’s Found Performances showcasing the great hits of the past or the songs beyond the hits on Lost Treasures.  Have a great weekend!

Author: Mike Cherry

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6 thoughts on “Lost Treasures: Little Richard aka ‘The World Famous Upsetters’ – “Every Night About This Time”

  1. Sad he is gone. Thanks for the audio, it takes me back to my teen years – a long time ago now!

  2. I guess my question is, if he did not use his name on the secular recordings, from 58 to 66, did he use his name while appearing live, on tour during that time frame?,,,I would think so, as my hero Jimi Hendrix played guitar for Richard while touring, in 1965…he stayed with him for several months, and I believe he featured his name in this situation…I never knew that he recorded religious albums during that time!….I gott a say, Little Richard, in the late 50s, would nearly blow up my little 4 transister radio, shouting our his powerful hit records of the era….those original recordings are just dynamite…although Richard did re-record his greatest hits a few years later…and I avoided that stuff, as it just did not have the impact that the originals had…IMO, this eccentric guy is at the top of the list of the most important Rock and Roll purveyors of the late 50s….just as great as Chuck Berry and Fats domino, Jerry Lee Lewis, etc…It is pretty clear, that the Beatles “stole” their patented “woooooh” refrains from Richard…and at that time, there was speculation that Brian Epstein,and Little Richard-both gay-had a few sexual encounters, which further ingratiated the Beatle/Little Richard joint tour situation in England.

  3. Jack – I can’t be sure Little Richard used his real name all the time while touring during that 1958-66 period but do know I’ve seen posters for the appearance he did with the Beatles in England & his real name was listed. I saw this in a copy of UK’s “Melody Maker” music newspaper from the time the tour existed. Richard worked directly with Paul McCartney to teach him the finer points of emulating & copying his vocal style on “Long Tall Sally” “I Saw Her Standing There” etc. during that tour.

    1. You might be interested in knowing that Jimi recorded w richard on the remake session 12-1964 in New York for Vee Jay , and may 13 or June 2, 1965 in New York for Vee Jay , which yielded “I don’t know what you’ve Got”, “dance a go go (aka dancin’ all around the world )”, “you’d better stop”, and an instrumental (?) called “come see about me”. Possibly he cut w LR 11-64 in Nashville , and on a session of instrumentals . Other 1964-5 dates are speculative

      1. Yes…I did a Mike Webb-cast special on Jimi about 12 years ago or so…just a few months before Mike was murdered…and I played “I don’t Know what you’ve Got”….Mike made a humorous comment about the tail end of that tune, where Richard is saying something about his “Wife” running out on him!…I have a Cd that supposedly features all the tunes that Jimi recorded with Little Richard…but we know that much of that history is in dispute.

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