Radio Notes: KIXI’s Easy Changeover


June 13, 1982 — KIXI AM accomplished its format modification, replacing the music service called “Music of Your Life” with new material called “Music You Remember.” All of the station’s musical fair is from the new satellite connected music syndication service, except that heard on the Bob Roberts drive time show, 6-10 a.m. weekdays. Roberts selects his music from the station’s prerecorded cartridges and from his own collection of early records.

Candi Chamberlain left the night shift at KJR last week to return to San Francisco. Matt Alan is filling in on the 7 PM to midnight shift until a permanent assignment is made.

Bob and Ray will return to the radio soon. Bob Elliott announced that the long-lasting comedy would be incorporated into the National Public Radio series, the Sunday show, next fall the Museum of Broadcasting, in New York City, is holding a Bob and Ray retrospective this month.

Mr. Science – Archimedes’ principle – Bob & Ray (3:20)

Dean Smith, general manager of KIXI AM and FM, back from a recent commercial tour of China organized by the station, reports that the original concept was to include Wally Nelskog, president of KIXI Inc., as tour guide. Nelskog backed out, Smith asserts because Nelskog decided “nobody there probably speaks Norwegian.”

Enumclaw’s new radio station, KENU 1330, has an adult contemporary music format and is an affiliate of ABC Contemporary News. The 500 W DayTimer carries “Howard Cosell Sports” and daily features include Community Calendar and Bulletin Board, of interest to residents of Black Diamond, Enumclaw and Buckley… KSCR 1420, the relatively new Renton radio station, has added morning and afternoon traffic reports. They are part of the service introduced by TrafficNet, soon to be offered to other radio stations, also… The 10 AM Wednesday edition of 88 Artsplace, on KPLU, will originate from Ashland, Oregon including a live presentation of the Asland Shakespearean Festival production, “A Comedy of Errors”… KISW disk jockeys will host a half hour of video rock films on “VideoRock,” at 10:30 PM Monday on channel 13. You can tune in TV to see what they look like, or stay tuned to KISW for the audio portion.

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