Lost Treasures: Chad & Jeremy – “A Summer Song”

From 1964 on World Artists Records, our Lost Treasure is less about an obscure recording than a celebration of the start of summer, with the solstice occurring this weekend.  Chad Stuart & Jeremy Clyde began performing together in folk clubs & coffee houses in London when they were discovered by well-known composer & producer John Barry. “A Summer Song”  was the duo’s second single originally intended as an album track only, but surprisingly was their biggest selling & charted single in the US.  Chad & Jeremy were always more popular in the states than in their native England.  In spite of riding the ‘British Invasion’ wave, their style was less about rock than gentle folk-rock & shimmering harmonies similar in vein to American groups such as the Byrds, Gale Garnet & The Gentle Reign.  After a number of hits & albums the duo disbanded in mid-1965 briefly as Jeremy Clyde took on a stage acting role.  The pair came together again in 1966 to record a new album & several singles not all of which charted successfully.  Chad & Jeremy put their acting skills to work on several TV shows – notably the “Dick Van Dyke” show, “Patty Duke” show & an episode of “Laredo”.  The duo appeared as themselves in an episode of popular TV show “Batman” as well.  By 1968 burnout, fatigue & an uneven series of albums resulted in the pair disbanding.  Jeremy Clyde returned to England & his acting career while Chad Stuart remained in America producing and arranging for several artists.  In 1980, Chad & Jeremy began working together again, recording an album & joining several other 60’s British bands for some highly successful ‘British Invasion’ touring packages.  The early 2000’s saw the duo playing a widely seen & highly successful PBS special & sporadically recorded a few albums & did appearances on ‘oldies tours’.  Today, Clyde Stuart is retired from the music business & living in Sun Valley, ID.  Jeremy Clyde now tours as a solo artist with a backing band, interlacing Chad & Jeremy songs with newer music from his own multi-album series & tours as a duo with old friend Peter Asher of  Peter & Gordon.  “A Summer Song” was re-released again in the summer of 1966 on Lana Records & charted briefly as well as receiving some airplay other than as an “oldie”.  Celebrate the start of summer with this gentle ode to a favorite time of year for many – myself included!

Author: Mike Cherry

retired broadcaster: on-air, MD, PD, asst PD, Prod Mgr, IT, station technician/engineer, pioneer Internet webcaster, station installation/maintenance; 12 years in commercial radio, 17 years volunteer in campus/community radio in B.C., Alberta & Wash. Amateur radio operator & "DXer" specializing in AM night-time DX, short-wave DX/listening & remote SDR DXing/listening

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    1. Dick – It’s on a nice 4-CD set covering just about everything this duo ever recorded. I’m surprised that MOR radio of the era didn’t play some of the singles on this collection. The music is certainly easy enough to have fit nicely into 60’s MOR radio. Perhaps the fact they were considered part of the ‘British Invasion’ put off MOR PD’s thinking this was another rock act. Far from it.

  1. Interestingly enough Chad Stuart (of Chad & Jeremy) has a Pacific Northwest connection. It involves a singer/songwriter who grew up in Port Orchard, WA. Ron Davies, older brother of Country Music singer/songwriter Gail Davies, was a successful songwriter/singer in his own right. Ron wrote songs recorded by David Bowie, Three Dog Night, Anne Murray, Helen Reddy, Maria Muldaur, Jerry Jeff Walker, Joe Cocker, Long John Baldry and many others. He also recorded 2 albums of his own for A&M Records. The 1st A&M album, “Ron Davies / Silent Song Through The Land”, was produced by Chad Stuart of Chad & Jeremy. Ron’s 2nd A&M LP was titled “U.F.O.”. His successful songwriting career began with an entire album recorded by Tacoma’s The Fabulous Wailers which includes their NW hit single of “It’s You Alone”. If I’ve piqued your interest about Ron you can hear Ron and his sister Gail singing a duet of that tune, with country great Bobby Bare listening in, on this link:


    1. Jay – that’s a fascinating story & connection to this week’s featured artists. Somehow this doesn’t surprise me as Chad Stuart is a resident of Sun Valley ID but I have no idea how long he’s been living in the region. He has a few other production credits from the early 70’s so perhaps the Ron Davies album is from that period.

      1. I only became aware today that Chad Stuart, of the British duo Chad & Jeremy, died of pneumonia this past Sunday (Dec. 20th) at his home in Hailey, Idaho. He was 79. I had recalled we had this discussion about Chad and Jeremy earlier this year.
        The duo had 7 Top-40 hits, all love songs, between 1964 and 1966, one of which (fittingly) was “Yesterday’s Gone”

  2. Mike:
    Indeed. “Silent Song Through The Land” was a 1970 release on A&M.
    Ron was living in LA at the time … Chad Stuart was the bass player on the LP. Other top name Hollywood studio musicians we on that album such as Leon Russell, piano & drummer Jim Keltner … among others.
    Ron eventually moved to Nashville (where his sister Gail was already living) to continue his career. • Besides the 2 A&M albums, Ron had a 1978 release on the Seattle based label First American, “I Don’t Believe It”. And since his death in Oct. 2003 (from a heart attack) their have been a number of tribute albums released featuring Ron’s songwriting & featuring many top recording artist.

  3. Steve: Yes, I always liked the sound of “A Summer Song” &, of course, “Yesterday’s Gone”. Chad & Jeremy were, in some ways, much like the other British duo Peter & Gordon. Peter & Gordon’s “World Without Love”, “Lady Godiva” and “I Go To Pieces” were a little more on that “folkie” side of the English invasion too. I found it interesting that Chad Stuart became a record producer … & Peter Asher (of Peter and Gordon) also evolved into a record producer. Peter, most famously, as the record producer of James Taylor and Linda Ronstadt.

    1. Great info!…I was always struck by the similar sound of those twosomes, Chad and Jeremy and Peter and Gordon…the only thing I can contribute here, is that Peter Asher was nearly the brother in law of Paul McCartney…until Paul dumped his long time girlfriend, Jane Asher, for the more compliant Linda Eastman….Paul actually wrote “A World Without Love” for Peter and Gordon!…also…the info about RonDavies was so interesting to me….that excellent tune by the Fabulous wailers (done in the mid-60s, and near the end of their careers) was sung by a guy named Ron Gardner…who eventually wound up working at Boeing!…that last iteration of the Wailers also had a very hard-rocking tune called “Out of Our Tree”…also was the name of their album released around that time…My late brother fronted a band in the early 70s, that played a pretty eclectic mix of music, including a couple of NW rocking tunes from the early 60s…people would just go nuts, and dqnce their asses off to the NW oldies…especially “Out of our Tree”…my brother was talented, and would take amazing solos on these tunes with his Gibson SG!…God, I miss him, and those days of great music.

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