Lost Treasures: Bobby & The Midnites – “I Want To Live In America”


As we celebrate Independence Day this weekend, our Lost Treasure is from 1984 released on Columbia Records.  Bobby & The Midnites were a short-lived “supergroup” that existed in the early 80’s & began as one of numerous side band projects rooted in the Grateful Dead & led by that band’s second/duo lead guitarist Bob Weir.  Although they only released 2 albums & 3 singles, the group did quite a bit of touring when Grateful Dead concerts & tours didn’t conflict.  “I Want To Live In America” was the first single released from their second & final album. The LP & single were produced by guitar wizard & production master Jeff ‘Skunk’ Baxter, a former member of Steely Dan & The Doobie Bros.  Aside from Bob Weir, Bobby & the Midnites consisted of guitarist/vocalist Bobby Cochran (Eddie Cochran’s nephew) from Steppenwolf, Grateful Dead keyboard player Brent Mydland, jazz bassist Alphonso Johnson from Weather Report, harmonica player & percussionist Matthew Kelly who played with Weir & Mydland in Kingfish – another Grateful Dead side project band.  Kelly had been part of the Dead’s sound team for many years previous.  The group was rounded out by jazz drummer Billy Cobham who had played with Miles Davis & Mahavishnu Orchestra.  Dave Garland performs the sax solo in “I Want To Live In America”. Bobby & The Midnites’ genres ranged from pop to rock, reggae & pure country.  By the mid-80’s the group had disbanded due to demands on  Bob Weir & Brent Mydland’s touring schedule with the Grateful Dead.  Weir, Kelly & Mydland would reform Kingfish as an opening act on Dead tours beyond this point.  Happy 4th of July weekend to all our readers & contributors, stay healthy & safe & enjoy this slice of pop that defines what it means to be American.

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Author: Mike Cherry

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