24 hour radio and KOL Calls KJR To Chat

May 5, 1968

The latest radio station to be considering 24 hour operation is KOMO. John Behnke, station manager, is a bit more thorough than most broadcasters however, in the decision may be as much as six months away.
Presently the following stations operate full-time: KIXI AM and FM, KVI, KJR, KIRO AM, KLSN, KING-AM, KRKO, KBLE FM, KOL AM and FM, KETO FM, KBIQ, KAYO, and KSND.

Bruce Vanderhoof, former KING and KOMO disc jockey, (most recently an executive at an Aberdeen radio station) returns to the Puget Sound area Monday. He will be sitting in with Al Cummings from 4 to 6 PM on KTNT Tacoma, for the week, and then assumes the whole drive time show on his own. Cummings will continue his morning show.

Tom Cross has left KYAC for KGFJ Los Angeles, and other souls station.

Newest disc jockey in town is Charles Machen, who reigns over KBLE FM from 2 AM to 7 AM.

Murray Roman, hip comic, brought love to Seattle radio when, while sitting in on the Gary Todd show on KOL, called Lan Roberts at KJR. Both stations carried the dialogue live.

Author: Victor Stredicke

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