September 1968 Radio Highlights



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Victor Stredicke

Author: Victor Stredicke

Former radio columnist for the Seattle Times.

2 thoughts on “September 1968 Radio Highlights

  1. JEFF BOEING –He worked at several stations, under a number of different names. But southern Ontario radio fans will remember him as Dick Hayes, and the two years he spent at CHUM.

    Hayes arrived at CHUM in the fall of 1965 – his first appearance on the CHUM Chart was on December 6 of that year (pictured above.) Prior to that, he had been Dick Haase (same pronunciation, different spelling) at WWTC Minneapolis-St. Paul. At CHUM, he took over the 1-4 shift from Mike Darow, who would go to host the ABC game show “Dream House.” Hayes spent two years at CHUM – all of it in afternoons – before leaving for KOL Seattle in late 1967 where he was known as Jeff Boeing (the promo KOL used was “KOL has acquired Boeing!”)

    In 1968, he moved to WXYZ Detroit as Jack Hayes. By late ’68 or early 1969, he was Jack Hayes on New York’s WNBC but left in March, 1970. We don’t know what happened to him right after that, but he shows up again in the ’80s and ’90s as Richard D. at WHND Monroe, Mich. He was PD/air personality there until 1994. The man born Richard Haase went on to Greater Media Detroit, where as of 2010 he was a senior information systems analyst. (RadioScrapBook

  2. I cannot help but wonder why the KTW-FM purchase never went through. Then again, KMPX and KPPC-FM,s were sold in 69. It turned out that Robert O, was great at KOL. I was very spectacle about him at first. I heard very little of him at KJR and when I did, I thought he was boring. Must have been during one of his down periods. He was fired at KJR a short time after I returned from California. He turned out to be my all time fav. Seattle jock.
    ” KOL has acquired Boeing and Robin Mitchael has acquired a headache”

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