Career Counseling “for your own good”


This poor guy is dreaming of a future of fame and fortune with his favorite girl. But no, fifty seconds into their romantic stroll, “the little woman” just has to jerk him back to reality.
Linda Laurie-Ambrose – Part Five, 1959 (2:34)

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Author: Dick Ellingson

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8 thoughts on “Career Counseling “for your own good”

  1. My brother bought a sound effects record album in the early 1960s. It was sold during the push for stereo console sales. His record player was not equipped for stereo.

  2. WHAT THE HECK DOES A LINDA LAURIE RECORD HAVE TO DO WITH THE PUGET SOUND REGION?! Well, let’s try a little “6 degrees of separation” and see…
    Linda’s creepy little diddy “Ambrose” was her only charted record (#53 Billboard in ’59)… but she eventually had a successful career as a songwriter with her biggest hit being a #3 – 1973 Helen Reddy hit “Leave Me Alone (Ruby Red Dress)”…

    … from her hit LP “Long Hard Climb” which included that great title tune (performed “live” here)…

    … and written by singer-songwriter Ron Davies (older brother of Country star singer-songwriter Gail Davies). Both raised on the shores of Puget Sound in Port Orchard! Here’s Ron’s original version of “Long Hard Climb” from his LP “UFO”.

    … and for good measure another wonderful version of “Climb” by Maria Muldaur…

    Well there you go. It was a “long hard climb” but we got our connection!

    PS: I hope you’ll take the time to listen to “Long Hard Climb” because it really is one well crafted song!

  3. Jay….I watched both videos. And for another tie in…as you told me a year ago…Ron Davies wrote “It’s You Alone” which was the only single I own by The Fabulous Wailers,

  4. Can’t figure out how I can’t share this with you…so here goes. Here’s a video of Linda Laurie on the old “To Tell The Truth” television show with the panel (including a very young Betty White & actor Ralph Bellamy) attempting to pick correctly the writer/performer of “Ambrose”. Some interesting insights about the record are revealed.

    1. Jay.. you did fine. Will watch that. Sounds fun…goofy song I never heard of before. As Jason says in comments you can put in working links but cannot directly paste in pics, video, etc. So go with links just like that if you want to share YouTube.

  5. I suppose I should have said: “I’ve discovered this and I can’t resist sharing it with everyone!” (the “To Tell The Truth” video).
    Saying: “Can’t figure out “HOW” I can’t share this…” does, I suppose, come off like I’m saying: “Can’t figure out “WHY” I can’t share this…”
    I need to spend more time with my editor before I post a comment.

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