Pat O’Day Dies


From Jeff O’Day—–

It is with great sorrow to announce, Pat O’Day has left the Arena.
Dad passed peacefully at his home in the San Juan Islands today.
Beating lung cancer was an incredible victory for him, unfortunately it wreaked havoc on his lungs.
In his final days his sprits were high, he lived every day as though it were his last…. He knew the gifts he had been given and how spectacular his life had been, Dad was ready.
The Pacific Northwest will always seem a little empty without the legendary Pat O’Day, All we can do is focus on the incredible role he had in making the Emerald City a better place to live, and the difference he made in people’s lives.
As his Son, I could have never imagined a better role model for me as a Father. I have never met a more faithful, loving husband to his Wife Stephanie,
He will be in my thoughts every day for the rest of my life.
Please respect the family’s privacy through this time.
Jeff O’Day

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Jason Remington

Author: Jason Remington

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12 thoughts on “Pat O’Day Dies

  1. Sad to hear of Pat O’ Day passing. I listened to him on the mighty KJR-95 for many years and KYYX FM. Pat inspired me to get into radio. He was also the voice of hydroplanes on Lake Washington. I had the opportunity to interview him recently and what a pleasure it was to hear Pat talk about the music scene and how the Puget Sound area radio grew.

  2. I listened to him on my little 4 transistor radio, back in the late 50s…A few years ago I read his biography….no real shocking things in that, really…I mean, he did get caught up in the fast-lane lifestyle of the Rich and famous, for a few years…had the usual problems of alcohol and drug abuse for years, …made and spent a ton of money…then cleaned himself up, eventually bailed out of the Radio Rat Race, and became a successful realtor up in the pricey San Juans….he was a tough survivor of that bitchy world of the music promoter scene…He seemed to mellow out as an older man….his bio was full of braggadocio, but considering his accomplishments, I guess he had the right to brag.

  3. So sad, and yet he lived a good life and gave back to each of us. KJR in the early and mid-60’s dominated and I was one who listened faithfully. Pat, THANK YOU! RIP

  4. Very saddened to learn that Pat lost his battle with cancer. So much has been said & written about the iconic Pat O’Day that it’s hard to add anything original. What an inspiration he was to many of us young teens eager to pursue a career in radio. Rock n roll radio as we know it & have experienced throughout our lifetimes was forever shaped & altered by the very talented, skilled, entertaining Pat O’Day who is synonymous with all that is Pacific Northwest culture. It’s heartening to know he will no longer suffer from the pain & ravages of the most insidious of diseases. If there’s a rock n roll heaven, be assured that Pat O’Day will influence it’s existence for eternity.

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