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  1. From the Internet Archive, some of our Lost Comments—

    radiofollower says:
    May 23, 2017 4:13 pm at
    Bwana Johnny stayed a short time at KJR then left but returned about a year later under the name of Father Murphy.I called him on it,saying you can change your name all you want,but the voice never changes.He was only here a short time (again) then I think it was off the KYA in San Francisco.

    Ed Bennett says:
    May 23, 2017 5:18 pm at
    He actually left KJR in about May of 69 and went to KYA,, then another stop in Cincinnati at WNCN, then was reunited with two other KJR jocks at WJJD, New Jersy once again working with Mike Phillups and Nick Anthony, then back to Miami at WFUN, then back to KJR as Father Duffyin 74, then to KISN, Portland about 90 days before the license was pulled.. He has worked in Des Moine, Iowa and Eugene , Oregon.. Sadly he passed away here in Seattle in 2006. And now you know the rest of the story (almost)

    Maple Valley Mike says:
    May 28, 2017 10:14 am at
    Reminds me of the TV character Dr. Johnny Fever. Everytime he had low ratings, he would change his name. It also kept him a step ahead of the bill collectors.

  2. I had the distinct pleasure of working with Bwana at KMGK, Des Moines where his sense of humor was in full flower. At a staff party held at P.D. Ben Hill’s home Bwana ran through the crowd yelling “I’m gonna be sick… where do you want the mural?!!”

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