3 thoughts on “Free Form Rock on KOL FM

  1. (Three song segue.) “Good morning. This is KTAC-FM. It is 10:15. I am not currently displaying my personality.” (Three song segue.) “Good morning. This is KTAC-FM. It is 10:26. I am not currently displaying my terse, yet jocular personality but am scheduled to do so at 11:06 as part of the weather report. I have prior permission.” (Three song segue.)

    1. Robert O. was a major force behind the KOL and KTAC FM debuts (to evening jazz and the KTAC FM Progressive Rock format.
      Does anyone remember the playlist, the KTAC FM Goldenrod, which was printed on paper, color Goldenrod. Some of us remember that color from the box of 48 crayons. It was tough to come up with another two color variations to make a box of 50.
      The pauses between seque sets were part of the Progressive Rock, Classical and Beautiful Music formats, where the music was spotlighted, not disc jockey chatter.

  2. I have this article in my collection. Sadly, Sherwood would be fired from KOL-FM at the end of their first week of live operation. Bud Moeglien would never make it on the air. Their first night on the air, a lot of technical problems, but the jocks were very loose. Especially Sherwood. Wednesday night, John Cunnick from KRAB did a live audition under the guise of being a guest dj. He got the weekend shift about a week latter. Thursday night, Prof. John Chambless auditioned with Sherwood. Friday night, Sherwood was supposed to work live while Robert O, was to mc. the Steppenwolf concert. Robert O, came on instead and announced their was a change of plans. He was told to turn off his mic. for a minute and when he went back on, Sherwoods name was no longer mentioned. They still ran his automated show for another week. Then it was announced that John Chambless will be the new FM P.D. and doo 8 till midnight. Burl Barer took over the automated portion of KOL-FM. There has been a lot of stories bantered around about his sudden disappearance. He mysteriously returned to KOL-AM from midnight to 6 in August of that same year. He would work the FM again in June of 1970 for three weeks. Then disappear again for another two and a half years. Then to full time work at c and w KQIN, Burian as well as part time on KOL-AM. I always found him to be a very interesting guy.

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