7 thoughts on “KSND To Feature Old Radio Themes

  1. Dick…I have heard some of the shows since then….no longer a kid. And many of them are good. But I just though that mixing Gene Autry themes and the like with rock oldies was probably not going to be too effective.

    1. I agree completely, Steve. I wonder how the ratings reacted, if at all. By the way, I remember KSND as K-Sound, as in both “noise” and “Puget”, I suppose.

      I also was unaware that Danny Holiday once went as Dan.

    2. I once listened to Jim Frenche,s “powder river” while walking through the woods on my walkman. I felt I was actually at the scene. A surreal moment. You really did have to use your imagination

  2. Anybody remember Super Circus? Mary Hartline (her real name!), who kept pubescent boys and their dads glued to their TV screens in the early fifties, has gone to The Great Big Top.


    Interesting note: her fourth husband was Woolworth Donahue, grandson of Frank W. Woolworth. Was she the first million dollar baby from the five and ten cent store?

    Bing Crosby sings “I Found a Million Dollar Baby” in 1931, when Mary Hartline was four years old.


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