4 thoughts on “KTNT FM Develops Programming Schedule

  1. On the Sunday schedule, 6:35am on KJR: “Salvation Army” hosted by Lan Roberts. Lan would interview homeless old men who talked about how the S.A. helped them. However, it soon became obvious that Lan was interviewing himself! I might be the only one alive that ever heard that show.

  2. Literary Scrapbook, early on Sunday mornings on KJR. Burt Harrison became one of public radio’s most influential spokesmen and colorful personalities. He wrote thousands of radio scripts—from drama to prize-winning science commentaries. His show, Literary Scrapbook, was distributed to nearly 50 stations. He also wrote for National Public Radio. His articles, reviews, and feature stories appeared in the New York Herald-Tribune, Washington Star, Washington Post, Newsweek, and Popular Science. http://wsm.wsu.edu/ourstory/index.php?title=Harrison_National_Public_Radio_pioneer

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