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KVI morning host John Carlson rallied his audience to help fund the Seattle Police Department despite the city’s effort to defund it. After discovering that protesters have been pointing eye damaging lasers at officers, Carlson made an impromptu plea to listeners.
In just a few short hours, the audience raised more than $50,000 to help purchase protective eye wear for Seattle police officers through the Seattle Police Foundation’s “Got Your Six” fundraising campaign. RADIO ONLINE

iHeart is going to begin leasing additional stations nationwide for the new Black Information Network. Locally, BIN airs on 850 KHHO Tacoma. I listened to BIN 850 on my way home today. It sounded a lot like our White News stations, oddly enough. The newscasters spoke English and reported the same stories you would hear on ABC, CBS or FOX news. Seems like a push for segregation to be reinstated in the good old USA, in some forms.

San Luis Obispo Sports Talker CJ Silas went silent for the entire hour of her weekly program on 1280-AM The Ticket, after the station caved, allowing the stunt. She said she was joining the boycott of professional athletes protesting the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha. No word whether CJ would be sending a portion of each paycheck for reparations.

Crime Watch

It’s a shocking, unthinkable crime: A man rushes a five-year-old neighbor boy playing outside and shoots him in the head, fatally, in broad daylight. But here’s what’s just as shocking: The national media — which couldn’t give enough ink to the death of criminal George Floyd — apparently don’t find this story newsworthy. It could be because unlike in the Floyd case, the victim is white and his killer is black.

You are up to date… That is the state of the media today.

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5 thoughts on “FUND The Police

  1. This week, we have learned that if you rape a 15-year-old, violate a restraining order, resist arrest, reach for a weapon and get shot, professional sports will shut down in your honor.

  2. Singing telegram that woke me up this morning: “I am a mixed race, mixed gender jack of all trades who walked away from a maximum security prison. I had a budding career, with contracts to patch a hole in a driveway, sharpen some scissors, oil a squeaking door, untangle the matted fur of an Angora cat, build a sturdy structure for growing sweet peas and remove a test swab from the wrong orifice. I backed out and kept the deposits. I am in more than one protected class and I don’t clean up after myself. I stole your gun, your mailbox and your incentive. Have a nice day.”

  3. Seems to me that if the peaceful protesters quit protesting that would cut down on the asswipes that are causing the damage. Mixing with the peaceful protesters is giving them a shield to cause havoc.

  4. I support BLM, but not lawlessness. It also goes to show that political extremism of any political form is not a good thing. Defunding the police is insane. I will avoid Seattle. I,m sure there are a lot of peaceful protesters. But do to the pandemic and troublemakers, I would stay out of the protesting. This is one time I have to support Carlson. The creep that shot that 5 year old should also be brought to justice. We as a nation have gotten too extreme and that is going to be our undoing.

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