Don Clark Leaves KIRO For KNBR


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Victor Stredicke

Author: Victor Stredicke

Former radio columnist for the Seattle Times.

2 thoughts on “Don Clark Leaves KIRO For KNBR

  1. When I first started dxing in 65, KNBR was one of the first stations I picked up. They were top 40 at the time. One night I heard former KJR jock Mike Phillips filling in. He was PD at the time. Just like KJR (right now Pat O, Day is closing all the windows) He had the KNBR fire drill. When people returned, someone stepped on the NBC peacock and the bird started bleeding different colors. When I told my mother that I picked up an NBC station in S.F. that played rock, she said “NBC and rock n, roll, I don,t believe it” When sundown came and I tuned in, guess what? The station switched formats. I cannot blame her for feeling skeptical considering the fact NBC was a real stuffy shirt network at the time. (Huntley, Brinkley)

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