Blogger Under Attack For Provocative Speech

Sportscaster Vernon Glenn goofs off with news anchors Ken Bastida and Veronica De la Cruz during a break in their evening broadcast at the KPIX studios in San Francisco, Calif. on Wednesday, April 8, 2015. (Alan Dep/Marin Independent Journal)
San Francisco media blogger, Rich Lieberman, has come under fire for comments about local female television personalities, mainly news anchors and reporters. At last count, 29 women have signed a petition calling Lieberman to task for comments made on his blog, 415 Media.

“WE CRAVE SEX. It is ingrained in our society from the breakfast room to the board room. It’s in our blood –and that includes every facet of life. Personal, professional, international, national, local, and just about every walk of life including media too.

So I get fingered for stating the obvious?

Excuse me but I was, and still am, only acknowledging the obvious and it’s not that just me. I have nothing to apologize for and I won’t. Respect? Of course. Everyone gets respect here and always has. I didn’t reinvent the wheel I just got singled out because I’m an easy target.

And like I said, sex is us, always will be us, whether we like it or not and that includes our TV News anchors and reporters and it’s men and women, but you knew that. I’m just reminding you.” –Lieberman 9/6/2020

OK. We got the point.

It’s a circus in the city by the bay.

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Author: Jason Remington

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8 thoughts on “Blogger Under Attack For Provocative Speech

  1. So his testicles never got out of junior high school, huh? He’s being picked on for that? It would be better, and certainly justified, to pick on his junior high school writing skills.

    Here’s a sample of his column. Conspicuously absent are proper sentence construction, grammar, syntax and punctuation. Conspicuously evident is the banality found in his words. He needs a remedial grade school level English course.

    “Excuse me but I was, and still am, only acknowledging the obvious and it’s not that just me. I have nothing to apologize for and I won’t. Respect? Of course. Everyone gets respect here and always has. I didn’t reinvent the wheel I just got singled out because I’m an easy target. And like I said, sex is us, always will be us, whether we like it or not and that includes our TV News anchors and reporters and it’s men and women, but you knew that. I’m just reminding you.”

    1. He missed a comma. He writes as he talks. I read an article that praised this method. I tend to believe this is part of the dumbing down of journalism.
      Yes, you can say he has a hard-on for tv newscasters. Rich is an attack dog and always has been. Though he has a few sources within the industry, he has also made many enemies.

  2. Oof! This really seems to be bothering him. Rich Lieberman posted this on his website today.
    ….. His usual request for donations has been ratcheted up a few notches….
    “September should be an interesting month but I’m going to need your help. YOU, my real friends, not the bogus assholes who are complete phonies who take off and talk shit behind my back and pretend to be my friend but they lie. I’ll expose them soon. I’m just getting started.”
    That was accompanied by a nasty meme/graphic, basically flipping the bird to the folks he writes about in his blog.
    Oh my! Them is fightin’ words!

  3. An open letter from the women, past and present, of San Francisco Bay Area media.
    We, the women past and present in Bay Area media, have something to say. It is personal, it is uncomfortable, but we’ve learned: to be silent is to be complicit. So we will not stay silent. Not anymore.
    For nearly two decades, we’ve been told to look the other way as a self-described media blogger — Richard Lieberman — has written disturbing and sexist things about us and our colleagues. He’s pitted us against each other; posted malicious rumors and gossip about us; and presented us as objects to be ogled and mocked in exchange for clicks.
    The final straw for us came last week when The Mercury News published a since retracted story about local TV station KTVU that cited Lieberman as their only source. The station news director tweeted back at the paper: “The public trusts you to tell the truth. Do better.”
    Do better, indeed.
    While The Mercury News has issued a correction for their inaccurate report, for a reputable paper to ever legitimize Lieberman in that way by using him as a source, is to dismiss the fact that what he writes about is often misogynistic, dramatized, and, frankly, perverted.
    This kind of behavior from Lieberman may come as a surprise to many, but not to any woman working in the public eye. We see it regularly in media, entertainment and politics. It’s sad it’s normal. But we need a new normal. And by sharing some of our own stories, we hope to shed light on the work that still needs to be done.
    Lieberman uses his blog to degrade women who have worked hard to earn their positions — and creates imaginary and stereotypical cat fights between us, repugnantly pitting one female news personality against another. One blog headline declares a particular anchor “Really Thinks She’s a Helluva Lot Better (and Finer)” than another female anchor at her station. Another post twists the warm relationship between two colleagues and claims the women are “at a Star Wars ego crossroads,” with one wanting the other’s job and the other “trying mightily to ward off the onslaught.” In reality, the women he presents as scheming rivals are often each other’s biggest supporters, confidantes and friends.
    Other posts focus on our physical attributes, putting our hair, clothing and weight up for public discussion, dissection and derision. Lieberman wrote an entire blog post debating whether an anchor’s “winnebagos” were “genuine or manufactured,” and has commented on the “boob power” of another anchor. He headlined one post about a female journalist: “Boner of the Day.”
    Sadly, some of his readers further the sexualization and bashing of female anchors and reporters, adding comments such as “I have seen nicer legs on a table,” and others that describe women as “fat,” “HORSE FACE” and “garbage bags.” Lieberman rarely, if ever, puts Bay Area male anchors and reporters under the same microscope of distortion.
    To those who say we chose to be on television and put ourselves out in the public eye, that is true. We can handle criticism relating to our work. However, we cannot, and will not, allow predatory comments to be normalized or magnified.
    Women have been told to either ignore Lieberman’s comments or, in some cases, pressured to chat him up in the hopes of currying favor in exchange for more favorable coverage. Those tactics have proved to simply empower him even more.
    What we have described here, at the risk of retribution by way of more vitriolic posts that inflict damage on our reputations and careers, is not the work of a journalist. It is the work of a misogynist looking for a platform and legitimacy. The Mercury News, by citing Lieberman last week, was giving it to him. And sadly, it wasn’t the first time.
    We have been subjects of Lieberman’s harmful rumors and trolling for far too long. Even those of us who haven’t been directly targeted, see Lieberman for who he is: A self styled media blogger who attempts to make a living off of demeaning female journalists. It’s time that all Bay Area journalists and readers know it as well.
    In this age of the Me Too awakening, Lieberman’s sexist behavior is insidious, indefensible and intolerable. And it can no longer be ignored or endured.
    We, the women, past and present in Bay Area Media, write this not as representatives of our companies, but as independent journalists. And we stand united. We will not be silent. Not anymore.
    Laura Anthony
    Lisa Argen
    Renel Brooks
    Leslie Brinkley
    Kim Coyle
    Amanda del Castillo
    Frances Dinglasan
    Roberta Gonzales
    Sue Hall
    Amy Hollyfield
    Carolyn Johnson
    Kelli Johnson
    Erica Kato
    Michelle Kennedy
    Teri King
    Liz Kreutz
    Kate Larsen
    Lauren Martinez
    Nikki Medoro
    Lyanne Melendez
    Valerie Coleman Morris
    Melissa Pixcar
    Luz Peña
    Kris Reyes
    Stephanie Sierra
    Kristen Sze
    Claudine Wong
    Jan Yanehiro
    Sara Zendehnam

    No publicity is bad publicity—
    … or maybe it could be.

  4. One more reason to throw away your TV. I never heard of this guy until a few hours ago. Why is he getting so much ink here?

    Another reason I’m glad I threw away my TV. I had never heard of Donald Trump until he ran for president.

    1. I think it is interesting that a blogger—has so upset these tv newscasters. It opens the door to a lot of questions.
      What law is he breaking? What effect do they think their petition will have? What drove him to antagonize these people in the first place? Why is he opening himself up for attack? Why does he continue to push the issue? What effect will this have on the future of his blog, or his relationship with his allies in the business? Is he simply mental?
      It’s the “Realty Internet” version of Angry Housewives of Beverly Hills. Or in this case Nob Hill (San Francisco, his territory)

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