Entercom Names National Talent for Country Stations

KATIE NEAL – Middays

WYCD Detroit-based Rob Stone and Holly Hutton will include a daily β€œTop 7 at 7” feature, as well as an hour co-hosted by a Country artist every Friday night.

New KKWF line-up

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Author: Jason Remington

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3 thoughts on “Entercom Names National Talent for Country Stations

  1. If they’d just find a spot on their hard drive for an assortment of push-button cackles, giggles, tut tuts and statements of adoration for the STAR OF THE SHOW, they could cut the air staff payroll in half. Isn’t a company’s investment in labor its single biggest expenditure?

    1. Is it talent or health care benefits? Seems most companies make employees carry a heavy portion of the medical premiums. Oh, these mega-corporations are in such financial straits that they can’t pay for the employees’ health insurance. What a crock! I’m thinking a lot of these radio folks don’t have medical/dental. That, and their jobs could disappear in a minute.

  2. The only job I ever had that paid anything toward dental was with Fred Danz and SRO. He offered lots of benefits other mom and pop employers could not. At the same time, when I went over to KPUG, they asked me to kick in something like 75 bucks a month for major medical only. At age 22 I decided to forego it. When I owned KBFW we did not offer health insurance due to the cost of a group plan. We had other under the radar arrangements with some key employees…..they could buy their own better plans cheaper than what we would pay for each of them with a group plan. It was like 200 bucks a month for each employee at my cost, for a plan they could buy for 120. The other snag was they demanded that every 30 plus hour employee be covered. And I was not willing to do that with newbies who often did not work out. I do not know how it all plays out with Obamacare changes. I am sure it is still costly as hell to an employer.

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