Rod Belcher & The Pilots’ Theme Song


Charles Kapner sent us these artifacts from that period. The Ray Oyler Fan Club membership card and a picture of Charles with Ray Oyler, Bill Schonely, and Jimmy Dudley.

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Author: Victor Stredicke

Former radio columnist for the Seattle Times.

4 thoughts on “Rod Belcher & The Pilots’ Theme Song

  1. You can listen to Doris Doubleday & His Command Pilots – Go, Go, You Pilots at the link below!

    I was at KURB back then and I phoned Rod Belcher. He sent us three copies.

    By the way, note the display ad for Standard School Broadcast on KXA, Thursdays at 11:00 A. M. When I was in grade school at Olympic View in Seattle about twenty years earlier, we listened to the program every week in class. The show was sponsored by Standard Oil of California’s Standard Stations and Chevron Dealers. The subliminal message for that week might have been that Paul Revere couldn’t have taken his midnight ride until he made sure the “very good horse” he borrowed was fed and watered.

    “And boys, be sure to remind dad that his “very good car” will get the same great service from his neighborhood Chevron Dealer!”

  2. To elaborate on “Home Run For The Money”, you had to send a wrapper of Kent, Newport, Or True to enter the contest. During an inning designated as “HRFTM” , a name would be drawn and if a Pilot hit a home run, that name of the person drawn would win money.
    I was only 11 so I was too young to enter.

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