Bob & Ray – All The President’s Laundry


For nearly 45 years Bob and Ray entertained millions of radio listeners and television viewers. Bob and Ray’s long partnership began at Boston radio station WHDH in 1946 when Goulding, after delivering the news on Elliott’s music program, began to stick around and swap anecdotes with the host. Listeners demanded more, however, and the station soon scheduled Matinee with Bob and Ray. It offered offbeat comments on the day’s news, fables about fictitious characters and bogus contest offers.

TODAY, a new segment, Prose & Poetry On Parade – an author is interviewed.

**The Bob & Ray CBS radio show ran locally on KIRO 710/100.7 **

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Wally Ballou

Author: Wally Ballou

Wally Ballou, news reporter, man-on-the-street interviewer, "and winner of 16 diction awards".

2 thoughts on “Bob & Ray – All The President’s Laundry

  1. I read the book. Turns out Presidents and First Ladies only wear their clothes once or twice, then throw them in the garbage. The lone exception was Bill Clinton, who donated his used clothing to charity for the tax deduction. By the way, author Rob Stonehenge really has a way with words. And it’s not a good way.

  2. Rob Stonehenge sounded a bit like Groucho Marx. Fascinating story anyway. The book is no longer available on Amazon, but I found that their is a copy in the library of Winona, Minnesota. The library will be loaning it and I will pick it up next week here locally. Why there was no TV documentary on the subject shows the dumbing-down of society, where silly UFO conspiracies are deemed more important than the topic of the laundry of the most powerful man on Earth. Silly Americans!

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