There Is Something Wrong With The Black Man’s Mind


Television continues to promote the ‘victim mentality”, with (KING 5) Joyce Taylor’s recent race-baiting segment called “Facing Race”.

“‘Facing Race,’ to me, is an opportunity for our community to have some really challenging, difficult, honest, candid conversations about what it means to be black, Hispanic, Asian, white, privileged in this country and in the Northwest. What that actually means,” Taylor said.

What they won’t show on these segments is— some basic truth. This is explained, without mincing words, in this short sermon from Pastor David Manning.

“There’s something wrong with the black man’s mind!” –Pastor David Manning

Growing up in ‘the hood’–Tacoma’s Hilltop, in the 1960s, I saw that the black kids had equal opportunity at the same education I was getting in public schools. They even had advantages in special projects that I was excluded from because there were quotas in place, they needed black kids in those positions to continue getting funding. — The issue is that blacks, being 13 percent of our population, suffer from the deep-seated victim mentality, which manifests itself in a lifestyle that destroys their community. That community is siphoning off of government programs rather than working, kicking the father out of the household so the mother can continue getting her welfare, and suffers from rampant crime, looting, stealing, robbery, black-on-black crime and killing. Rather than look for a meaningful career, residents of black neighborhoods depend on government programs or turn to crime. They had/have the same opportunity that we had in the neighborhood–in the city of Tacoma–but are not taking advantage of the opportunity to LEARN, STUDY, WORK and grow up to pay bills, and provide for the family.

“White people build; Black people destroy” –Jesse Lee Peterson

“It should be clear that none of this is to minimize the predicament of truly disadvantaged individuals and communities. This is solely an indictment of a corrupt ideology and its practitioners and victims. The tragedy of the dominant politically-correct culture is that none of its work actually reaches the disadvantaged. Instead, it prevents actual, effective remediation of oppressive conditions and failed situations, because it papers over actionable root causes and substitutes gossamer fictions. It forbids even the mention of valid alternatives.
It may serve the purpose of increasing white guilt, but it does nothing to improve the lot of the disadvantaged.”
–Dave Rybarczyk (American Thinker)

The majority of the problem is inside the home of the black family. That is where systemic victim mentality is manifested. It is not the actions of the white, Asian or Hispanic community. Those who suffer from White Guilt SHOULD be ashamed of themselves, for buying into THE LIE.

Save your ‘white guilt’ for someone that buys into that shuckin’ and jivin’.”

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Jason Remington

Author: Jason Remington

Creator, Admin, & Editor of PugetSound.Media, a former broadcaster at KVAC/Forks, KDFL/Sumner, KTTX/KWHI/Brenham, TX., KONP/Port Angeles, KBAM/Longview, KAMT/Tacoma, KRPM FM/Tacoma, KJUN/Puyallup, KASY/Auburn, KTAC AM/Tacoma, KBRD FM/Tacoma, KMTT FM/Tacoma, and KOOL FM/Phoenix. Retired from AT&T.

20 thoughts on “There Is Something Wrong With The Black Man’s Mind

  1. The biggest scam that the BLM folks are trying to run on white folks, is that we somehow owe them for the tragedy of slavery–but wait! I was not round over 150 years ago, when this was taking place…in fact, before I wound up here, I do not remember having any choice as to what color I was, how short or tall I would be, etc…and neither did the current group of black people have any say in that!…so, let us just accept that we are now all equal under the laws of this country, and move forward. As for black dysfunctionality in the larger society, much of the problem stems from the broken “family” structure–which has been broken for many decades now…Daddy is usually missing, causing many black youths to gravitate to gangs, in order to get a feeling of being accepted/loved…the structure they crave is provided by a gang situation.

    1. That’s right. No father in the house to guide them. Where there was a mother and father in the home, I saw successful families. The kids did well in school, extracurricular sports and eventually college or a good job.

  2. Just because there’s no father in the house is not a reason for misbehaving kids. They get it from their friends in crime. Why is it that the black culture seems to foster drug use and lawlessness. Ever watch “Breaking Bad”? $$$$$$
    In 1958 I could go stand in front of my junior high school with a radio and play rock-n-roll music (KAYO, KJR) that everybody liked. Willie Crawford was a wonderful guy, and all of us had fun before and after school. No parents around – we walked to school. The juke box had a real mix of music, and we played the heck out of it at lunch and Friday Teen dances. It was a white bully who broke my nose after a Friday night dance, I assume because he was jealous of my classroom and jukebox abilities. Years later, I encountered him in a tavern and it was no surprise when he told me that it was “his turf”.
    I don’t buy reparations either. The nicest guy I know who is black is the one who services my furnace/AC on his spare time. He was raised right, you can see it in his hat which memorializes his departed family members and the church.
    Then there is an acquaintance of mine who can barely walk, but keeps his concealed weapon on his person when we go grocery shopping. He is a right-wing libertarian who is white but picked up his beliefs in college.
    Now it seems that many people don’t follow traffic rules, etc. I especially like the jacked up pickup trucks that ‘roll coal’ just to annoy others on the road. What happened to civility? This is Tacoma & Pierce Co.
    By the way, did you notice that Jesse Peterson of Newsmaxx is a conservative outlet?

    1. Yes!…Civility is dead…at least in Everett…I recently was following some white dude, in his thirties, who had this gross depiction of a very large hand, flipping off the world, embossed on the back of his SUVs spare tire cover…oh yeah, it also said, “F” you Asshole!…I can tell you this, if he was driving around in certain parts of Seattle, someone would “Cap” his ass! Why would anyone want to be so blatantly offensive?

      1. They say things will really get ugly after the election. I just came back from the gun show here in Thurston County. Everyone should protect themselves, just in case. There are also the everyday home invasions. As Joe Biden says, “Keeping the family safe is, like the old saying goes, An Ounce Of Prevention is…look… uh, prevention. You know the thing!”

  3. Jesse Lee Peterson was dropped from Newsmax TV following what his team said was a network restructuring of their 2019 programming schedule, but he will continue to produce his morning radio show independently.
    Some feel it was one of the moves by NewsMax to push out Trump supporters.
    The video portion of his program is available on Youtube.

  4. Joyce Taylor ( KING5 ) has banned me from her FB page. As I told her, she is too ignorant to see herself as she truly is. I think Joyce Taylor ( KING5 ) hates ‘whitey’. The funny thing is, Joyce Taylor ( KING5 ) is mixed race, but clings to her black side in a continuation of her race-baiting on tv and social media. Joyce Taylor ( KING5 ) exemplifies the problem with race issues today. Joyce Taylor ( KING5 ) is NOT a journalist. Joyce Taylor ( KING5 ) is an agitator and has lost all credibility. Joyce Taylor ( KING5 ) is racist, to use their own term. Joyce Taylor ( KING5 ) is pushing the victim mentality for ratings. KING5 is no longer the great news station it once was under the Bullitt family.

    1. Being banned from anyone’s Facebook page is a step toward cleansing one’s soul.

      Someone please tell me one reason Facebook or any other “social” media should exist. Think about it for a minute. You can’t do it, can you?

      1. The Facebook, as it was known originally, was to allow Harvard students to use their “. edu” email addresses and photos to connect with other students at the school. Then-student Mark Zuckerberg foresaw a way of bringing the existing social experience of college onto the Internet. Then it grew into a platform for debate. It is similar to the riots in Portland. People are leading crusades. Challenge their belief and they hate you. So be it. I have no time for idiots. None.

  5. A Wikipedia digest: Newsmax TV is a cable news channel owned by Newsmax Media. … Newsmax TV is generally thought of as holding a conservative point of view, broadcasting many programs hosted by conservative media personalities. Its conservative-leaning competitors include Fox News Channel, One America News Network, and TheBlaze.
    It has existed for several years, as I’ve encountered it via my earlier mention of the guy who can barely walk who carries a concealed weapon and magazines for it whom is extremely conservative.
    There’s no getting around it: there are people like Alex Jones and Glen Beck who foment the divisiveness that exists in this country now. So if you want to arm yourself against evil people of your description, so be it. Thank God I don’t live in Seattle on Capitol Hill.
    How could you get banned from Joyce Taylor’s (KING5) page?

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